>Bush Administration Report Triage

>Reports that aren’t getting released:
1) A bi-partisan report from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission that has found little evidence to support allegations of polling place fraud. [USAT]
2) The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on the use of intelligence prior to the invasion of Iraq. [WaPo]
3) The substance of the NIE report that says the occupation of Iraq has become a rallying point for Islamic extremists. [CNN]
4) The NOAA study on the possibilities of global warming creating stronger hurricanes. [CD]

Reports that were altered by political appointees:

1) White House aides softened report on greenhouse gases. [NYT]
2) The Social Security Administration altered public communications to garner support for Bush’s privatization plan. [CGR]
3) Federal cattle grazing analysis report was altered by Bush Administration officials to excise language justifying regulations. [SFC]
4) The Department of Health and Human Services report was altered by Bush Administration officials to delete references to disparities in health care between racial and ethnic groups. [DRH]

Reports the Republicans would prefer we not notice:
1) Senate Finance Committee Report on the linkage between Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform and the Abramoff Scandal [TPMM]
2) The Iraq Study Group’s draft options on Iraq, both of which rule out “victory” in Iraq. [Think Progress]

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  1. >I still say that if Heller wins at the Sequoias in Nevada, an investigation should be launched. He was way too tight with Sequoia during the 04 election when he used HAVA taxpayer dollars to get them statewide and raised the price of doing a recount or challenge to astronomically ridicous levels. Oh, and let’s not forget his role in outlawing polling. Jerk.