>Coffee and the Papers

>The Washington Post hit squad thinks it’s found the antidote to Republican sex scandals? Another hit piece on Nevada Senator Harry Reid? [Washington Post] The further down the article one reads the weaker the case. Update: The Gleaner’s all over this one.

The Washington Post could have been all over a real scandal: According to Think Progress Abramoff’s billing records detail meetings with ethically challenged Republican Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA).

The U.S. trade deficit hits a new high. [WaPo] Business Week offers five factors that could frighten Wall Street before Halloween.

Senator Trent Lott inserted a provision into DHS legislation that directs the Department to investigate potential fraud by the insurance industry. The industry is claiming that because Lott lost his house that his legislation is an abuse of power. [NYT] The Pacific Cement Co. may have been an empire “built on sand” during the time it got contracts for public works projects in San Francisco. [SFC]

16 Afghans and an Iranian returned to Afghanistan after years of detention at Guantanamo Bay. A spokesman for Afghan government says most were innocent, and were turned over to the U.S. military because of personal disputes. [BG] The U.S. detention center is drawing criticism from the Britich Foreign Secretary. [Salon] Glenn Greenwald questions the timing of the Bush Administration’s charges of treason against American supporter of Al Qaeda, a man authorities haven’t know where to find since 2004. [UT]

Death squads killed 1,450 people in Iraq during the month of September. During the first ten days of October the squads have killed another 770. [USAT]

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