>Coffee and the Papers: No help for Nevada from the Federal Highway Trust Fund

Nevada sits with a $3.8 billion deficit in its highway funding, and if we thought help might be coming from the other 49 states we are going to have to think again. The federal gasoline tax hasn’t been increased in 14 years and in 2009 the Federal Highway Trust fund will start falling short of planned federal spending. [LVRJ]

Business 2.0 says Las Vegas should experience a 6.5% growth rate based on commercial construction and hospitality (gambling…) [LVRJ] Good news? We’re growing — bad news we’re growing and the infrastructure isn’t keeping pace?

When 24% of the counterfeit conservative voting base says “Keep looking for another candidate” — maybe it’s time to start looking for another candidate? [LVRJ] There goes the old saw: Democrats want to fall in love; Republicans want to fall in line? The California GOP has found a challenger for freshman Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-CA) who defeated Richard Pombo in 2006. [Hill] Florida Governor Crist has signed the bill to move the Florida Primary to January 29. [MH]

Dealers opposed to Wynn’s tip sharing scheme used the Internet(s) to organize their opposition — leaving all those union busting consultants charging hefty fees to keep American corporations “union free” to devise new ways to “exert control over employee communications?” Watch for more company-sponsored sites, e-mail controls, and other “controlled” (you get to say what management wants you to say) and “accountable” (your name’s on it so they can retaliate later?) company communications.? [LVSun] Gee whiz, Steve Wynn’s sounding like the latest crop of whining pundits — all exercised that anonymous folk could say blasphemous things about him and his schemes… and the GOP is dithering that their party’s stuck in the circa 2000 Internet. When the ABC-PAC (conservative) raises $385.00 and John Edwards alone has racked up $3 million on Act Blue’s site — yes, the GOP very likely has a problem: Too much top down-marching orders-fall in line organizing? [WaPo]

The Nevada Legislature’s Gift Shop may open its Olde Wyne Shoppe? While — “what was that stuff in the glasses on the cruise ship?” — Dawn Gibbons plays at being ‘Lemonade Lucy’ Hayes at the Governor’s house? [LVSun] The governor’s spokesman says that Gov. Gibbons will have no problem signing the bill — just as soon as he unties the dinner napkin from his head and stops making “Rrrrrr” sounds?

Public school administrators voiced their concerns about the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act and the associated state legislation that is hampering local districts’ attempts to provide specialized instruction and curricula that reflects community needs. [RGJ] Not to put too fine a point to it, but when bean counters are put in charge of education, not surprisingly, we get beans.

Another one bites the dust. Hard on the heels of the Chrysler buyout by a private equity firm, Alltel Corporation has agreed to be bought by TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs for $25 billion. [Reuters] And, the “dollar buying ever less of world’s goods: the dollar has fallen 5% against the euro and the pound so far this year – the equivalent of a 20% annual decline” [CSM] Should make the trade deficit numbers look better?

The Army Times compares the Congressional pay package for troops with the White House proposal. Congress wins. The White House response: “Providing bigger pay raises for everyone is considered by defense personnel and budget officials as unnecessary and wasteful when there are other military priorities that are not funded or not fully funded.” So, we pay the fat contracts first and if we have anything left over — then we pay the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines?

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