>Color Coded Terror Reporting

>The SPLC reports that as of 2006 there were 12 active “hate” groups operating in Nevada. Tap on some oak or mahogany we’ve not had any hate crimes reported thus far in 2007, but should any occur chances are fairly good they won’t get much, if any, coverage in the national media. Coverage appears to be reserved for those who are the national media Villains du Jour — i.e. anyone Middle Eastern.

Terror Alert Burgundy? Here we go again with a press conference and a weekend worth of breathless cable news about the JFK Airport plot described as “Papers portray plot as more talk than action.” [NYT] Does anyone remember a Department of Justice press conference when raids in four Alabama counties turned up truckloads of weapons and explosives belonging to the Alabama Free Militia? [TBN] A press conference when Texas White Supremacist William J. Krar was arrested in 2003 and pled guilty to possessing sodium cyanide bombs and a huge stockpile of conventional arms? [CSM]

One way to look at this might be that if the group in Miami has few if any weapons and wants boots, uniforms, and radios, and vehicles, and just about everything else, [CNN] they get a press conference? Or, six fellows who think taking their video “practice tape” to a Circuit City store to burn a disk is a good idea, and who tell the FBI agent they plan on hitting “four, five, or six Humvees and light the whole place up and retreat completely without any losses” from Fort Dix — [WPH] thus putting themselves well up on the Dumb Criminal List of the Month — then, they get a press conference prior to the “mostly paper” plot against the JFK Airport gang.

However, if one actually has stockpiled weapons and/or sodium cyanide bombs capable of actually creating mass destruction — then, well, that’s a local matter?

Where was the corporate media when the Anti-Defamation League put out a press release on May 17, 2007 warning that Volksfront, a neo-Nazi skinhead group based in Portland, OR, is gaining members and prominence on the West Coast? [ADL] Did the media notice that 80 radicals representing a variety of domestic extremist groups met in St. Louis, MO, last February 24th? Are we watching the units Volksfront has been setting up in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, North and South Carolina, and New York?

There’s no complaint here about the FBI and other law enforcement agencies infiltrating groups plotting violence and making appropriate arrests. However, it does seem that the more Middle Eastern the plotters the more likely they are to be the subjects of ponderous press conferences and the talking TV bobble-heads endlessly re-analyzing what the other commentator just said. Meanwhile, the home-grown-lily-white extremists are left to collect their weapons and build their bombs until some local and state law enforcement officers quietly do their jobs and take them down. Surely, the FBI doesn’t need to stand dead center in the limelight — why didn’t the law enforcement agencies in Texas and Alabama get more national attention, and more well deserved accolades?
Speaking of infiltration: With more news like this from Iraq, it might be sooner rather than later that someone is going to say, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it?” New York Times It looks like we’re going to have to add “re-infiltration” to the lexicon of this morass.

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