>Diversion 101: White House pre-emptive strike on headlines of the day?

>Now, why would the first comment from White House Spokesman Tony Snow at today’s press session be one of those incessant GOP whines for some Democrat to apologize? This time, the target is Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) for calling General Pace incompetent. Question: If General Pace were so competent, as the commenter said on “Countdown” this evening, then why didn’t the President support his continuation as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Could it be that the White House would like for the Republican Echo Chamber to have something to wail about besides the following:

(1) “Libby loses bid to stay out of jail for appeal” Washington Post — or
(2) “Takeover by Hamas illustrates failure of Bush’s Mideast vision” Washington Post — or
(3) “White House seems ready to let Hamas seize Gaza” New York Times — or
(4) “Palestine government collapses amid fighting” Los Angeles Times — or, perhaps we could discuss what’s going on over at the Department of Justice?

(5) “Gonzales meeting with aide scrutinized: Justice Department checking for possible wrongdoing” Washington Post — or
(6) “Justice Department expands inquiry of Gonzales” New York Times — or
(7 ) “Democrats subpoena Miers in attorneys probe” San Francisco Chronicle — or maybe the Administration would like to talk about health care or the economy?

(8) “Rising rates start to squeeze consumers and companies” New York Times — or
(9) “In health care, cost isn’t proof of high quality” New York Times — or
(10) “More trouble in subprime mortgages” New York Times — or
(11) “America’s exploding mortgage crisis reveals that home ownership isn’t paradise for everyone” Dollars and Sense (via Alternet) — or
(12) “Fuel pushes up US producer prices” BBC — or, how about some of the “under the radar” news of the day?

(13) “Fort Lauderdale law firm sues Chiquita” (on behalf of 22 people killed by groups receiving financing by the company) Miami Herald — or
(14) “Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.” Boston Globe — or
(15) “FEMA may have authorized flood insurance overbilling” New Orleans Times Picayune
(16 )
“$485 million overpaid to storm victims” USA Today
“Guard running low on equipment” USA Today

Those headlines look ever so much like 17 very good reasons to try to change the subject?
Senate Republicans may not be united on immigration policy, but when someone suggests that utilities be required to use more wind, solar, and other renewable resources to produce electricity — instead of fossil fuels; then the Senate GOP fossils line up and link arms against it. [NYT] Senator John Warner (R-VA) offered an amendment to the Energy Bill (H.R. 6) to allow drilling off the coast of Virginia for natural gas. It was defeated 43-44. [Roll Call 212] Nevada Senator Harry Reid voted “no,” and Senator John Ensign is recorded as “not voting.”

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  1. >The prostitution of the “free press” in this country remains a stain on the memory of those who fought for it in the beginning.