>The Sunday Deck Bass: National Frustration Week Edition


The Desert Beacon Sunday Deck Bass, northern Nevada’s least coveted, most utterly unwanted award for flipping and flopping takes a slightly different course today, in honor of National Frustration Week. Surely, this past week must have been designated to promote frustration and elevate aggravation? Why else all the following items?

The Japanese spend $1 billion to build an 11.3 meter space lab complete with 23 racks of experiments, its own hatchway, and a pair of handy robot arms. [CTV] The “Lexus” (Cadillac, Rolls Royce, etc) of space labs is launched perfectly, BUT what is everyone talking about? The International Space Station toilet broke [CNN] and NASA rushed to deliver a pump for the space-potty. [AP]

The Bush Administration, trying to squeeze Congress into passing retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that spied on American citizens, a Colombian Free Trade Bill rewarding the anti-labor Colombian government, and appointing a Loyal Bushie to the Council of Economic Advisers, (note the omission of the FEC appointments?) [WHPR] instead spent the past week dusting off the talking points concerning people who leave the Administration (Clarke, O’Neill, etc.) and write books like Scott McClellan’s (disgruntled, dismaying, saddening) telling what went on (just to make a buck) when they should have spoken up sooner (and been subjected to this treatment faster).

The Clinton Campaign seeking to extend its viability through the seating of Florida and Michigan delegations got a Solomonic “Divide the Baby” decision from the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee [NYT] that extends the ‘magic number’ of delegates needed to secure the nomination, only to have the press focus on rowdy supporters heckling the Committee [NYT] and a threat to take the fight to the Credentials Committee – on which the same two chairpersons, James Roosevelt and Alexis Herman, will be presiding. [DNC]

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, seeking to “castaway” his current spouse and resident of the Governor’s Mansion, in a quiet ‘record-sealed’ proceeding, [LVS] instead gets her 33 page filing published from one end of the Silver State to the other. [LVS pdf]

Nevada’s very own Sheldon Adelson, grudge holder extraordinaire, has decided to have his Freedom’s Watch organization launch robo-calls against Representative Shelley Berkley (D-NV1) for not supporting funding the occupation of Iraq – a measure she’s already voted for. [LVS] Since Adelson has already wasted his organization’s funds in Louisiana and Mississippi Congressional races, why not initiate another fact-free and frustrating exercise? Could Adelson be miffed because his anti-tax petitions failed to comply with statutory and constitutional requirements? [NVA]

In short, there are no winners this week…just a whole batch of very frustrated people.

As always, do check for Minnesota Eel Pouts, and McCain Memorial Sunday Crappies.

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