>The Sunday Deck Bass Super Bowl and the GOP Super Bawl


If northern Nevada’s least coveted, most utterly unwanted, completely unsought award, The Sunday Deck Bass, were in play-off format for the 2008-09 season, the contenders would be former President George W. Bush (10), Senator John McCain (17), Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons (9), and former NYC major Rudy Giuliani (5). Assuming that a power ranking playoff format were applied, then Bush (10) would face Giuliani (5), and McCain (17) would square off against Gibbons (9). If the numbers determined the outcome, the Deck Bass Super Bawl would pit McCain vs. Bush. The edge has to go to Senator John McCain for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he’s still in the Senate, with ample opportunity to continue to baffle both his supporters and critics. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that ex-President Bush is completely out of the game.

Bush has performed one major flip flop since exiting the White House and Oval Office, a life style make-over. Gone are the televised press reports with that dilapidated shack-looking feature in the background, the brush whacking photo ops, and the commentary about the “ranch.” Fully energy efficient ranchette backdrop that it was, it served to create his “image” as a “commoner,” about as much as Sir Winston Churchill’s performance decades earlier – if one forgot about the part where Churchill came from Blenhiem. The Bush family has ‘retired’ to a $3.07 million mansion on 1.13 acres of exclusive Dallas real estate.

The former first family will occupy 8,501 square feet, with 896 sq. ft. for servants’ quarters, in addition to a 450 sq. ft. cabana on the property. [Newsweek] Preston Hollow is supposedly serenaded by screech owls (not those pesky Spotted ones), various other birds, and coyotes (Why does having coyotes in the Bush entourage seem appropriate?). The home was purchased with a $3,074,000 loan from the Community National Bank of Midland [CNB] to be paid in full as of October 2012. CNB is a locally owned, self described “independent financial institution, the CEO of which is Jeb B. Hughes. [AU.CNB]

The former President should feel very comfortable in Preston Hollow. The neighborhood is 80% white, and the average family income is $122,509. Residents in its ZIP code donated about $1.6 million in various federal races last year, with the top recipients being Senator John McCain and the Republican National Committee. Not surprisingly, no Republican candidate drew less than 63% of the vote in the precinct in the November 2008 election. [DMN] This puts the ex-President in a secure position near his own goal line.

For his part, Senator John McCain (admitted owner of more home goal lines than he can recall) is now involved crafting his own economic stimulus package in the Senate, pronouncing the Obama Administration plan “disappointing.” The former presidential candidate who put his campaign “on hold,” to rush back to Washington for the TARP negotiations remarked, “I have to tell you I’m disappointed so far in the administration’s lack of consultation or efforts to work with Republicans on the stimulus package.” [WaPo] Evidently a trip to meet with House Republicans on their own turf, and an invitation to the White House Super Bowl party were insufficient.

It doesn’t take a scouting report to determine that the GOP will come with its well thumbed play book – more tax cuts. Their play calling appears to assume that the stimulus package’s Democratic contents are merely “part of the Democratic agenda,” and not really stimulative. McCain’s linemen include Mel Martinez (R-FL), John Thune (R-SD), Tom Coburn (R-OK) and sidekick Lindsey Graham (R-SC). This front five will no doubt try to blitz the media with “alternatives” (read: tax cuts) favorable to corporate interests. At the risk of repetition, corporate tax cuts are the least stimulative plays in the book. However, that fact probably won’t diminish GOP enthusiasm for throwing long on their first downs, filibustering at the goal line, and reverting to “Hail Marys” in the press when their plays are unsuccessful.

The Super Bowl is scheduled to start at 6:28 PM this evening and will have four timed quarters; the Super Bawl could go much longer.


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  1. >Hmmm…that CNB loan looks a whole lot like one those “liars” loans which got us in the mess we’re in today….