>Overnight Express: News Roundup


** Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazer, has pledged to open four renewable energy permitting offices, and to create renewable energy teams. Four states have been selected: Nevada, Wyoming, California, and Arizona. [DoI]

** Bid’ness News – The Hedge Fund Boyz lose again: This round a federal bankruptcy judge has ruled against their attempt to stop the sale of Chrysler assets saying there is evidence of an “urgent need for the deal to be consummated.” [Reuters] “GM may report loss tomorrow ahead of June 1 bankruptcy filing” [Bloomberg] The Bank of America has been told it needs $33.9 billion in capital to withstand any additional decline in the U.S. economy. [NYT] Almost 25% of U.S. homeowners are ‘underwater’ on their mortgages. [Bloomberg] “Gender gap ‘off the charts’ in current recession” [ColIndy]

The vulture funds are looking at small hometown banks [NYT] “Some Aspects of our Industry Seem Greedy” an interview with a Goldman Sachs exec in Der Spiegel. “Pension Privateers: How the boss absconded with your benefits” [Mother Jones] “AIG bonus pool gets bigger” [TDB]

** Polly Ticks – Michelle Bachmann (R-Planet X) is channeling Ron Paul (?-TX) [MNIndy] Two Minnesota DFL Party members will compete to run against Bachmann next round. [MNIndy] And, that Senate Race? “Bush lawyer is Fox’s lone expert pushing Coleman-Franken to federal courts” (None other than Hans “Vote Suppression Meister” von Spakovsky). [MNIndy] “Republicans are against it – whatever it is” [Salon] “Profiling the GOP: Contami-i-nation” [Nation]

** Afpak-istan – “Karzai seeks ‘civilian surge’ likely beyond U.S. capacity” [WashIndy] “Holbrooke backs embattled Pakistan government” [WashIndy] “A new approach to Karzai” [WaPo] Swat residents are fleeing their homes [BBC] “Doubts remain as Sharia bill signed” [BBC] Pakistan fears an exodus from Swat valley [AJN] Up to 100 civilians feared dead in US air raids in Afghanistan [GuardianUK] “How Dangerous are the Taliban?” [Foreign Affairs]

** Muddle East – UN Report says Israeli military intentionally fired at UN facilities in Gaza [AJN] [BBC] Four arrested in West Bank unrest [BBC]

** Remembering Haiti every once in awhile – “Obama administration reconsiders Haitian policy” [SunSent] Perhaps this is as good a time as any to review Secretary Clinton’s remarks during her April visit.

** Tortured Logic – “Limiting food aided ‘enhanced interrogations: Justice Department memo describes liquid diets for detainees” [WashIndy] “Torture memos: inquiry suggests no prosecutions” [NYT] “Judgment Day May be Approaching for CIA agents (el-Masri Case) [Der Spiegel] “The reluctant enablers of torture…mental health professionals raised questions about harsh interrogations” [Salon] “Interrogating Torture” [New Yorker]

** Ecology – “EPA proposes changes to biofuel regulations” [WaPo] West coast ports make for ‘greener’ shipping [LAT] Motorcycle smog tests proposed in California [LAT] Thousands flee Brazilian floods [BBC] “Waxman hits back on climate change” [The Hill]

** Psych Turf – right wing commentator Michael “savage” Weiner announced he wants to sue the UK after finding himself on their “Do Not Come” list. [BBC]


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