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The Las Vegas Sun does a post mortem on the 75th session of the Nevada Legislature, with another article that says it was “mostly a wash.” More than we probably ever wanted to know about eTreppid, Montgomery, Trepp, and a Governor who managed to get tangled up in the mess, LVRJ. The worst news is that the eTreppid contract was “typical for the military,” which doesn’t say much for military procurement practices. See: Vote Gibbons Out. However, Bunnatine Greenhouse had been trying to get that point across for ages.

“Sensitive military technology easily bought and sent to foreign countries,” [NextGov] “Export Controls: Fundamental re-examination of system is needed to help protect critical technologies” [GAO summary] “Murray, Shelby face off before Air Force Secretary on tanker” [SeattlePI]

If these folks are conservatives, I’m delighted to be a liberal: “Suspect in abortion doctor death warns of violence,” [HuffPo] “Report: Before Congressional run, Scarborough represented killer of abortion doctor” [TPMM] “Buchanan: After assaulting black woman, calling her N—,’Epstein was ‘lynched.'” [TPMM] “Gingrich shifts rhetoric on Sotomayor, calls her a ‘racialist'” [TP] The numbskull who threatened to kill the President has been arrested in a Laughlin, NV casino parking lot. [LVSun]

If these people are so ‘pro-life’ why aren’t they besieging legislators who won’t enact immunization programs for toddlers, who won’t vote for lower class sizes in elementary schools, who won’t support additional paid maternity leave, and who won’t champion paying working family members a living wage? “Abortion providers voice safety concerns,” [Wichita Eagle] “Abortion providers need more protection,” [KCStar] “Mississippi abortion clinic seeks additional protection” [Jackson] “Clinics in the crosshairs” [WaPo] “Anti-abortion groups dodge fallout from Tiller murder” [MichMes]

Who left the so-called “Conscience Rule” on the books? A couple of weeks ago, House GOP members James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), John Fleming (R-LA), and Chris Smith (R-NJ) sent a letter to the White House with “renewed hope” the Bushian regulations would be reinstated. [The Hill]

Watching Wal-Mart: “Union members rally at St. Paul Wal-Mart” [MNIndy] (complete with video) “Wal-Mart shortlists TCS, Infosys, Wipro for $500 million (outsourcing) deal” [EconTimes]

Hurricane Season: “Katrina’s FEMA trailers might be going for a buck” [MiamiHerald] “Hurricane Katrina victims sue Louisiana Government” [JNF] “Foreclosed Florida homes considered for hurricane shelters” [MiamiHerald] “Flood fears in South Florida, huge levee needs repairs; insurance costs may rise” [SunSentinel] Now, where have we heard about levees needing repair before?

When you get that chain e-mail from cousin Fester about “SB 2099” putting a $50 tax on your firearm – There is no such bill. A bill concerning hand gun registration was introduced back in the 106th Congress and died in committee, it has never been re-introduced. [Fact Check]

“March 14 group claims Lebanon win” (pro-western political group) [AlJaz] “Five US contractors held over in Iraq killing” [BBC] “Briton fined over Iraq oil scam” [BBC] “Rebels kill Pakistan Islamists” [BBC] “13 die in Karachi target killings” [PDailyTimes] “Villagers besiege 200 Taliban in Dir” [PDailyTimes] “Pakistan’s Refugee Crisis – Queen Noor” [HuffPo] “Pakistan’s Refugee Crisis -Washington Note” [WN]

Blog Posts of Note: “Congress has another chance to make the right choice on transit stimulus dollars” [Wonk Room] “The Privatization of Obama’s War” [Unbossed] “Newsmakers 1972” [Hullabaloo]

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