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 Nevada’s contribution to the Newspaper Wars (Righthaven) is the subject of an interesting piece in the Las Vegas Sun, in regard to the notion that by “protecting” its sponsoring media corporations it may actually cause more problems.

Today is the deadline for the introduction of bills by individual members of the Nevada Legislature [Nevada Appeal] College and university students have a pro-education rally scheduled for today at the Legislature. [NVAppeal] The Sausage Factory has a bit of video. And NSEFocus posts links to the Tax Commission’s agenda concerning audits of mining taxation.  (or the lack thereof)   PLAN posts its nominee for a Legislative Hero. Slash/Politics covers an interesting hearing on eminent domain.

In case you missed it, Maven reminds us that when middle class Americans observe that the ultra-rich might be asked to assume a slightly larger share of the burden for providing services in America, it’s Class Warfare; however, when the rich ask for more tax cuts it’s for the benefit of the economy….  For those interested in new Republican applications of Newspeak, Scott Walker has now decided that union-busting is “progressive.” [Think Progress]  And the War on the Middle Class goes on in the House of Representatives wherein the GOP controlled Agriculture Committee has called for cuts in the Food Stamp program, but no cuts for agricultural subsidies. [TWR]  More at the National Journal. (h/t Washington Monthly)

Highly recommended! Brad DeLong’s post on Greenspan, the de-regulationists, and “One of the most impressive accomplishments of the modern right is its ability to generate plausible technical papers to justify conservative tropes that are basically ridiculous.”  (Source of chart shown above)

For all the blustering by the GOP about health care reform, it really can’t come soon enough. [Crooks and Liars] More information from the Commonwealth Fund.

 Perrspectives adds additional analysis and charts.

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