Countdown for the Assembled Wisdom

From Nevada’s Assembled Wisdom:  “Union busting tactics dressed up as education reform” [LV Sun]  What’s the biggest issue for higher education? The potential $200 million decrease in total funding?  Nupe, It’s Guns!…on campus.  [LV Sun] The Nevada View takes a look at the issue.  Alas, there are Champions of Ignorance. [Nevada Spectator]  At least the Mental Health Courts appear to be safe. [Nevada Appeal]  The bill to prohibit the use of hand held cell phones while driving seems to be moving forward.  [Nevada Appeal] And, the whole budget deal could go south over (?) construction defect legislation? [Nevada Appeal]  Six days left in this session and there’s still much work left to do.  [RenoGJ] A measure to require the online publication of more state financial information passed, and was signed by the Governor; it takes effect July 1, 2012. [NNB]  Officials in Elko County are looking at the possibility of additional expenses for child protective services. [EDFP]  “Sunsets rise as budget gap grows” explains who is not on board. [Sebelius]

Ah, but we remember it is more important to maintain an extremely low level of taxation on the mining industry — which doesn’t pay a severance tax as it would in other western states — and a low tax impact on big box stores which compete with independent small business retailers — than it is to fund education, mental health, and child protective services…. but we’ve said that before; and The Gleaner puts it in perspective. (recommended reading!)

#NVSen:  “Heller’s votes on oil, and Medicare, on the face of it, don’t appear to be for sale just because he’s facing a close Senate election race. Heller said recently that he would be “proud” to be the only member of Congress to vote twice for the House budget chairman’s fiscal 2012 proposal, a distinction he earned this afternoon when he voted in favor of it a second time — once in the House, where it passed, and once in the Senate, where it didn’t. When it comes to oil companies, Heller has voted against repealing subsidies unflinchingly consistently because, as he explains it, he’s against raising corporate taxes, period.”  [full article LV Sun]  (h/t Nevada Progressive)

Evidently this would also include voting against closing tax loopholes which reward multi-national corporations for outsourcing American jobs, and against restraining tax havens used by major American corporations with post office boxes in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying corporate taxes.

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