Senate GOP Filibusters Economic Development Bill

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) had this to say prior to today’s Senate vote to reauthorize the Economic Development Administration:

“This afternoon we will have a cloture vote on reauthorization of the Economic Development Administration, a law we’ve depended on for going on 50 years.

This is the fourth jobs bill Democrats have brought to the floor this year. I hope Republicans will not allow it to be the fourth jobs bill to wither on the vine thanks to their obstructionist tactics.

This is a good piece of legislation with decades of helping American businesses in economically distressed communities to innovate, grow and hire.

In the last five years alone, the Economic Development Administration has created 314,000 jobs. It has successfully turned every one dollar in federal investment into seven dollars in private sector investment.

It is good legislation that will create good jobs for Americans who need them. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to win bipartisan support among the Republicans here in D.C. who are more interested in destroying Medicare than creating jobs.”  (emphasis added)

A person could wish the result wasn’t entirely predictable, but once more the Senate GOP filibustered the re-authorization of the EDA, and when a cloture vote came up — they voted to sustain their filibuster.  [Roll Call 94]  Senator Reid voted to invoke cloture, Senator Heller voted to sustain the filibuster.

Any questions about which party is actually interested in discussion a JOBS bill?  Which party wanted to fund an agency that helped create 62,800 jobs annually?

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