Coffee and the Papers

##  THIS is what gives state workers and employees a bad name — double dipping members of Nevada’s  Sandoval Administration.   OK, now where’s the conservative outrage?  Interesting that when teachers put in 60-70 hour work weeks — they’re union goons feeding at the public trough.  When highway construction and maintenance personnel take a break from working with asphalt with a 180°F  delivery temperature, they’re shovel leaning goof offs.  When police officers and sheriff’s deputies put in overtime to see that there’s adequate traffic control around the stadium or arena, they’re (hiss) public employees raking it in off the taxpayers.   But, let a member of the Republican Administration double dip — and lo! It’s Simon and Garfunkle Time, or The Sound of Silence.

## Another entrant into the Nevada Congressional races.   Remember back in the day when every candidate for a federal office was running “for Sheriff,” i.e. “LawnOrder?”  “Tough on Crime?”  Now, it appears as though they’d like to be School Board members?

## Nevada saw some modest increases in taxable sales! But, not in the Carson City area where the multitude of automobile dealers felt the Tsunami from across the Pacific.

## Nevada benefits from the energy program Republicans love to hate.  When the Solyndra loan (1.3% of the total program) ran into trouble (and it seems to be the only loan in difficult straits) the GOP promptly forgot that the Bush Administration tried to get conditional approval during the transition between administrations, and that one of the prime investors was Madrone Capital Partners (read Walton Family as in Wal-Mart).  They forgot the loan guarantee was made in 2009, the audit was done in 2010, and the company raised $250 million from private investors after the supposedly “devastating” audit.  [] Mesquite and Tonopah will benefit from a program House Republicans cut out of their “job killing” budget.

As Steven Benen explains, when it comes to Solyndra, Gertrude Stein’s oft misinterpreted quote is apt — there’s no there there.”

## Representative Joe Heck (R-NV3) has an interesting take on unions.  His father’s union was “good,” but now current unions are just “all about politics.”  Translation — when his father’s union membership meant that food was still making it to the table, Union membership was a very good thing.  However, now that Heck is running as an anti-union Republican, Union membership is icky.   Bulletin for Representative Heck:  Unions still help secure health benefits, safety rules, and special discounts for their members.

What’s Representative Heck supporting?  H.R. 2587 would:

GOP explanation: “H.R. 2587 would prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstance.  The bill would amend the National Labor Relations Act to prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), in future and pending cases, from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstances.  The legislation would effectively prevent the NLRB from restricting where an employer can create jobs in the United States. The bill would eliminate an extreme enforcement remedy available to the board; more than a dozen alternative remedies remain available to hold employers accountable for unlawful labor practices and make employees whole.  The bill would apply to any complaint for which a final adjudication by the NRLB has not been made by the date of enactment.”

(translation: any time workers want to organize, or organized workers want to discuss any negotiable topic, the corporation doesn’t have to listen to them, and if the NLRB wants to try to make the corporation listen — then the corporation can shut down or “move” the jobs somewhere else.  And, the NLRB can’t do anything about it.)

The bill passed the House on September 15, 2011.  A more apt title for the bill might have been “Protecting Boeing Incorporated from having to comply with NLRB Rulings.”   What the bill really does is to allow a company to “move” (outsource, offshore, etc.) jobs when employees want to organize, want to bargain, want to address safety issues, or want to protest unfair pay for women. [Trumpka pdf] H.R. 2587 isn’t just an NLRB bashing bill — it’s a frontal assault on unions…period.

## I am not at all certain how this qualifies as prudent public fiscal policy: “Washoe County commissioners will not tax vehicle owners more to pay court-ordered tax refunds for Incline Village homeowners — a decision that risks the county not having enough cash if it should be hit with a big lawsuit or some other calamity.”  [RGJ]  There might be a limit to “we don’t raise taxes in a recession” thinking … oh, say, earthquakes, fires, flooding….?

## Those discussing the environmental impactof the Nevada Test Site weren’t numerous, but some points were made:

“Launce Rake, a former Las Vegas Sun environmental writer, representing the Nevada Conservation League, was concerned over the 52 million cubic feet of radioactive waste that would be disposed of at the NNSS under the expanded operations alternative. “We’re also concerned about the transport. The urban area of Las Vegas would only have a small amount affected by transport on the existing routes. We don’t want to see those routes expanded to include downtown Las Vegas, because the population would be much greater,” Rake said. “We’re also concerned about our friends in Pahrump. First responders should be well trained.”

## Here a puzzler: How many times have Republicans charged that something coming from a Democratic source is “The Largest Tax Increase In HISTORY?”  Now, the notion that billionaires should share a bit of the cost of running the government that protects their corporate interests is The Largest Tax Increase…you get it.

## Another day another GOP attack on Planned Parenthood.   The organization is 95 years old, they provided approximately 11.4 million medical services to 3 million people in 2009.  In 2009 they had 2,327,662 “reversible contraception female clients,” and 140,648 “reversible contraception male clients.”  They tested 3,419,965 men and women for sexually transmitted diseases, and when we add in the HIV testing program a total of 3,955,000 individual were tested.  The organization provided 1,830,811 cancer screenings.  [PPH pdf] [FactCheck]  The Republicans seem to have missed the June polling from Time in which only 24% of Americans believe a woman should never have the right to choose, and the May polling done by Gallup indicating that only 22% believe that abortion should always be illegal. [TPP]

## The Drum Major Institute has an interesting, and recommended report on immigration policy and the American middle class.

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