Catches of the Day

Best economic post: Mark Thoma responds to Ari Fleischer’s silly argument that we should be feeling sorry for ultra-wealthy people who are “bearing so much of the tax burden.”  Comes complete with handy chart.

Best chart of the dayPerrspectives chart of Republican presidential candidates’ tax proposals for the top 1% of American income earners. Ignore the typo, and note that Gingrich’s plan would essentially have private equity managers paying Zero.

Best attempt to explain in inexplicableNYT’s Nate Silver (538) takes on the challenge of describing the Republican caucus results in Iowa.

Best advice for Nevada Democratic caucus attendees: Support the Women’s Health platform plank as described by the Sin City Siren. More good advice from the Nevada Values Coalition.

Best update on the OutrageousTalking Points Memo, Female Muslim student who reported sexual harassment was dismissed from school on trumped up charges of being a ‘terrorist.’

Best all around good rant: Politicususa.


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