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Well now, THAT was underwhelming.  The Gleaner crunches numbers for the ballyhooed Caucus. The Nevada Progressive takes a closer look.  The Sin City Siren adds 2 shiny cents.  The Nevada GOP is looking at the possibility we might want a primary instead of the caucus format. [LV Sun] Here are some unsolicited handy hints: (1) There will be larger turnouts for non-incumbent races; (2) If larger turnouts are expected — phone it in — literally.  The Democrats have this down, call it in, then mail the ballots.  There may be issues, but the process doesn’t leave the press hanging, and jokes don’t make the rounds about “the score of the Super Bowl will be available before the caucus results are counted.”  Just sayin’.

Nevada won’t be joining the proposed settlement of foreclosure issues with major banks and bank holding companies.  Nevada Secretary of State Catherine Cortez Masto has 38 questions about the deal, “My office is continuing to review the intricate draft settlement terms and advocating for improvements to address Nevada’s needs,” Masto said. “Receipt of important state specific information is necessary to make our determination and my office is still in discussions regarding that information.” [RenoGJ] The deal would preclude the continuation of civil actions, but would NOT halt criminal prosecutions for fraudulent or deceptive practices.

Were I handing out more political advice to the GOP, I don’t think I’d advise that the House Republicans take another swipe at privatizing Medicare.  However, that certainly looks like what they are doing. [TPMDC]

Wondering what all the Saul Alinsky flap is all about? Salon explains.  A left leaning community action advocate, who had precious little patience with elected officials of any stripe, has morphed into the Bogey Man for the radical right.  The truth is a bit more dull. However, that won’t stop the radical right from attempting to make the case that President Obama is a “native born foreign Muslim Christian radical socialist communist fascist-rightist leftist community organizer with ties to Alinsky, Reverend Wright, and anyone else who sounds scary.”  Meanwhile, The Birthers Are Back.

Then there are the moans and wails of the Wall Street Bankers: “Self-pitying bankers lament a bygone era of fat bonuses and easy money” as described in

We might also wonder why the Romney campaign has pocketed SuperPac money from Melaleuca (Idaho) which has a history of run ins with regulators?  [MotherJones] And, has hired Larry McCarthy (Willie Horton Ad) as an adviser? [New Yorker]  And, this line from Rolling Stone: “How the GOP race became a showdown between a walking OCD diagnosis and a flatulent serial adulterer.”

The commentary on the actions of the Susan G. Komen Foundation don’t seem to be over quite yet. Slate asks, “What does the SGK actually do?”  Julian Brookes looks over the U-Turn.  Note: The U-Turn wasn’t quite complete as the organization says “there remains some doubt about the restoration of Planned Parenthood funding…”   There’s another, more precise explanation herein:

“Komen says only that it will fund “existing grants”—that means, it will fund grants it has already formally agreed to make. Well, it is legally required to do that, isn’t it? It can’t rescind a grant on the basis of a rule made after the grant was offered. The original banning always referred to the future, and as to that, Komen says only that PP can apply for funding, not that Komen will continue to make grants to it as it has for many years. Nothing prevents Komen from altering its criteria in ways designed to exclude PP—for example, as Brinker suggested to Mitchell, deciding against funding breast care outside of mammogram centers.”


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