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Nevada:  The Las Vegas Sun looks at 11 specific ways the Administration’s budget might affect the Silver State.  Nevada Progressive looks at reasons why Nevada may well remain a Blue State in 2012.   Why is Sheldon Adelson sorry he wore an American uniform, and how might the Romney campaign respond? See The Gleaner.

The federal deficitJared Bernstein sums it up – “The key for any real deficit hawk to understand is that right now, Republicans won’t support anything that raises taxes on the rich — which is to say they’re not supporting a meaningful path to lower long term deficits. They didn’t last year, and they won’t this year. No matter what their initial rhetoric claims.”

There’s more on the political side of the subject at TPM; once burned, twice shy, the GOP would rather increase the deficit than fight over the extension of the payroll tax holiday paid for with any tax increase on millionaires and billionaires.

But, OH, the Beltway Villagers are inclined to wail that the current budget doesn’t do what the President promised in 2009.  This would be an appropriate time to remember that the GOP is the party that won’t take “yes” for an answer.  The President’s call for the Grand Bargain was dismissed by Republicans even though it reduced the deficit, and made cuts with which they said they agreed.  The Villagers have very short memories.

So, it should come as no surprise that Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already announced that the President’s budget is DOA in the Congress. [The Hill]  The GOP seems beyond even pretending to participate in legislative discourse.

The Democratic lady the GOP loves to hate, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, had this to say about the budget:

“President Obama has laid out an innovative blueprint for restoring opportunity for all Americans and for constructing an economy that is built to last.  The budget is balanced, fair, and responsible and is an investment in our economic growth, in job creation, and in a stronger, thriving middle class.  It is a fiscally responsible plan, reducing the deficit by $4 trillion over ten years.”

Department of Shiny Objects:  If you missed Jon Stewart’s takedown of the opponents of contraception insurance coverage, here’s a link.   And, there’s Sebelius’s insightful dissection of Representative Joe Heck’s perspective on women’s health, including the following:

“When I asked Heck directly during the 2007 Legislature why he, a physician, would vote against a vaccine that prevents an infection that can lead to cancer, he told me simply, “because it’s a mandate.” And when I replied by saying, “So what?” Heck (after a second or two; apparently he’d never been asked that before) told me that mandates drive up costs of insurance for everybody.

I wonder, which costs more: The HPV vaccine, or treatment for cervical cancer? And what drives up costs more, a vaccine given to prevent a disease, or the expensive treatment for those who get the disease?”

Local Interest: The Seeno vs. Whittemore battle continues, with implications for Nevada political life, as explained in the Reno Gazette Journal.  And, the BEST invitation ever:

The Holy Order-Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence invite you to “Project Red Dress” on February 25, 2012. The event will be held at The World Market Center (495 S. Grand Central Parkway) on the 16th floor. The VIP Party ($50), which includes admission to the Main Event, will start at 8pm and the Main Event ($30) will start at 10pm. This is a non-smoking and 21+ event.The money raised through this event will be used for The Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

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