Head’s Up: Recommended Reading

The Sales Tax Deduction is popular in Nevada, and Rep. Shelley Berkley intends to introduce legislation in Congress to put it back in the tax code. [LVSun]

It’s a popular credit in Nevada, which has the nation’s 13th-highest average sales tax rate. In an average year, an average Nevada family saves about $1,443 on their taxes, by Berkley’s estimate, through the credit — and over 316,000 Nevadans availed themselves of the credit in 2009. [LVSun]

There’s a thought provoking piece on ten statements from the Catholic Church (hint: one calls for raising the minimum wage) that ‘theologically pure’ conservatives seem to be ignoring.

The Department of Commerce launched a new website for businesses seeking information about financing, entrepreneurship, and exporting.  The site combines several previously established information sources in one much more easily accessed location.

The Department of the Treasury has information from its Treasury Notes site on both financial and budget issues.  The most recent post argues that it may not be about how much reduction in the budget deficit as the issues may revolve around who pays for the reduction.

Santorum strikes again.  “Pre-natal testing encourages abortion.”  Amninocentesis does indicate Down Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, and hemophilia.  [C&L]  The question becomes, what is Santorum’s alternative for lower or middle income American families who may not have the financial resources to care for a child born with cyctic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, or hemophilia?  Unfortunately, what we may have here is yet another example of the ultra-conservative pro-life view that life begins at conception and ends at birth. When asked about his “phony theology” comments, Santorum tried to make it sound as though he meant “radical environmentalists.” [TPM] Nice try.

Recommended: Watergate Summer’s Why Women Matter.

In case you missed it:  NO, federal regulations are NOT make college educations more expensive.  [Washington Monthly]  And, Conservatives seem to be going both ways on health care costs. [Perrspectives]

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