They Didn’t Spend All That Money Bashing The Affordable Care Act For Nothing

When last we met, Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) was hitting all the prescribed GOP talking points about the decision declaring the Affordable Care Act constitutional.  In case anyone was wondering why so many people like the individual parts of the statute, but say they dislike “Obamacare,” this chart should explain the situation:

A little Wall Street money, more money from the insurance lobby, and yet more from the ultra-right wing, and we have people all but certain there are “death panels,” “socialism,” and a “government take over of the health care system.”  None of which are true, but that’s what $235 million worth of advertising will get you.

Now, the American public will be treated to more false and misleading advertising, some the same groups and astro-turf outfits that brought us the phoney “government takeover” nonsense.  Watch for the Really Really Big Tax Increase baloney, coming soon to a television set near you.

“Crossroads GPS, a Republican “super PAC” that operates separately from Mr. Romney’s campaign, said that it would begin a campaign next week seizing on the tax argument. Several conservatives said the ruling gave them a far more potent wedge than they would have had if the court had knocked down all or parts of the law.”  [NYT]

Yes, Crossroads GPS (Rove) which spent $18 million to tell the public what a horrific idea health care insurance reform was, will now be stepping up with more buckets of cash to repeat its performance.

The Heritage Foundation is already calling the Affordable Care Act a $1.7 billion tax increase on the American public.   However, even their own blog admits the tax increases aren’t on everyone.  For example:

(1) The increases to hospital insurance taxes don’t apply to anyone who is earning less than $250,000 per year.  And, the Heritage Foundation factors in inflation which may or may not be a reasonable projection.  What disturbs the pundits at HF is that investment income may be included.  Oh, my. The horror that millionaires and billionaires may have to pay!

(2)In 2018, Obamacare puts a new 40 percent excise tax on “Cadillac” health plans, meaning plans that cost more than $10,200 for an individual and $27,500 for families. ”  Yes, and how many “regular” middle class Americans have Cadillac health insurance plans?”  Once more Rove and his minions will come to the aid of the unfortunate Fortunate Few

(3)  Then there are the “tax increases” that don’t have anything to do with ordinary Americans.  Health insurance providers are assessed fees.  Pharmaceutical manufacturers are assessed fees, and there’s an excise on medical device manufacturers.  See any Middle Class Americans in that list?

This argument is merely an extension of the old Republican canard that a tax on anyone is a tax on everyone — thus protecting the Big Somebodies from those pesky little Everybodies who need affordable health care insurance.

The only way the Heritage Foundation could make the “cost” of the Affordable Care Act a projected $501 billion tax increase is to dump every possible fee, excise, tax, and assessment (no matter who pays) into a generalized “tax increase.”  The law will raise some taxes — but more than likely they won’t be yours.

…No matter how much Crossroads GPS and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends to tell you otherwise.

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