Joe’s Friends

A quick scan through the FEC records for June, 2012 yields an interesting list of donors to Representative Joe Heck’s (R-NV3) campaign. Which one do you think is the most interesting?  (My vote’s highlighted)

Daiichi Sankyo
Lionel Sawyer & Collins
US Travel Association PAC
Blue Cross Blue Shield $5K
Paul Truman, Truline Corporation  Las Vegas
William Wortman Las Vegas
Pioneer PAC, Washington D.C. $4K
American College of Surgeons
Engineers Political Education Committee
Investment Company Institute, Washington D.C.
Wells Fargo
Mike R Fund, Springfield VA (Mike Rogers, R-MI8)
Cox Enterprises, Washington DC
Ford Motor Company PAC
Haliburton Co. PAC  $2000  (6.08.12)
Freedom and Security PAC, Annadale VA (John Klein R-MN)
Independent Petroleum Assoc.

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