A Few Of My Favorite Things: RNC Edition

The following musical interlude seems a nice cap for the the Republican National Convention — enjoy.

Since the RNC managed a relatively fact-free program, it’s always handy to have a set of links for fact-checking.   This post at Crooks & Liars links to three good sources.   Then there’s the Jon Stewart versionThink Progress offers the Six Major lies in Paul Ryan’s presentation.

Oopsie DaisiesHERE “Mitt Romney calls the United States a Company.”  Then there’s the problem wherein more people were talking about a speech to an empty chair than the candidate’s acceptance speech.  Rachel Maddow’s reaction here.   Unsolicited advice: If one is running for the Presidency, and running away from charges that one has been hiding income in offshore accounts, then it’s probably NOT a good idea to have a party for Big Bundlers on a yacht bearing an “offshore” flag:

And, to make all of the Republican Rhetoric work, you MUST have the Unofficial Republican Calendar:

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