A Platform Quiz: Who Said What and When?

All the items in this quiz are taken from various political party platforms.  See if you can determine by which party the planks were approved.  The answers are on the “Back Page,” or you can click the link to self score as you go along.

#1.This Administration has sought accommodations with Communism without adequate safeguards and compensating gains for freedom. It has alienated proven allies by opening a “hot line” first with a sworn enemy rather than with a proven friend, …” [Answer]

A.  Democratic Platform 1952   B. Republican Platform 1964   C.  Democratic Platform 1960.  D. Republican Platform 1968.

#2.  “…we favor the retention of the Taft-Hartley Act, which guarantees:  The right to establish “union shop” contracts by agreement with management. The right to strike. The right to free collective bargaining. The right to protection from rival unions during the life of union contracts. The right to assurance from employers that they will bargain only with certified unions as a protection against unfair labor practices.”  [Answer]

A. Democratic Platform 1948  B. Republican Platform 1952  C. Republican Platform 1952.  B. Democratic Platform 1956.

#3. Our Government should press for reduction of foreign barriers to the sale of the products of American industry and agriculture. These are particularly severe in the case of fruit products. The present balance-of-payments situation provides a favorable opportunity for such action.” [Answer]

A. Democratic Platform 1960  B. Republican Platform 1964   C. Democratic Platform 1980.  D. Republican Platform 1920.

#4.  “We pledge our aid in restoring order and maintaining peace in Mexico. We promise to our citizens on and near our border, and to those in Mexico, wherever they may be found, adequate and absolute protection in their lives, liberty, and property.”  [Answer]

A. Democratic Platform 2004   B. Republican Platform 1916  C. Democratic Platform 1920.  D. Republican Platform 2012.

#5.  “We oppose the so-called nuisance taxes, sales taxes and all other forms of taxation that unfairly shift to the consumer the burdens of taxation.”  [Answer]

A. Democratic Platform 1924  B. Republican Platform 1964  C. Democratic Platform 1964   D. Republican Platform 1980.

#6.We recognize the necessity and propriety of the honest co-operation of capital to meet new business conditions and especially to extend our rapidly increasing foreign trade, but we condemn all conspiracies and combinations intended to restrict business, to create monopolies, to limit production. or to control prices; and favor such legislation as will effectively restrain and prevent all such abuses, protect and promote competition and secure the rights of producers, laborers, and all who are engaged in industry and commerce.”  [Answer]

A. Democratic Platform 1932  B. Republican Platform 1944  C. Democratic Platform 1962  D. Republican Platform 1900.

#7.We denounce the heedless waste of the people’s money which has resulted in this appalling increase as a shameful violation of all prudent considerations of government and as no less than a crime against the millions of working men and women, from whose earnings the great proportion of these colossal sums must be extorted through excessive tariff exactions and other indirect methods.”  [Answer]

A. Republican Platform 1964  B. Democratic Platform 1932  C. Republican Platform 1912  D. Democratic Platform 1908.

#8.  “We stand for the check and balances provided by the three departments of our government. We oppose the usurpation of legislative functions by the executive and judicial departments. We unreservedly condemn the effort to establish in the United States a police nation that would destroy the last vestige of liberty enjoyed by a citizen.”  [Answer]

A. Libertarian Party 1976  B. States Rights Party 1948  C. Republican Party 1952  D. Democratic Party 1932.

#9.  “The possibility of an extended illness in a family is a frightening prospect, but, if it does happen, a person should at least be protected from having it wipe out lifetime savings. Catastrophic expenses incurred from major illnesses and accidents affect only a small percentage of Americans each year, but for those people, the financial burden can be devastating. We support extension of catastrophic illness protection to all who cannot obtain it. We should utilize our private health insurance system to assure adequate protection for those who do not have it.”  [Answer]

A. Republican Party 1960  B. Democratic Party 2004  C. Republican Party 1976.  D. Democratic Party 2008.

#10.We repudiate and condemn any federal action regulating or controlling the sale or rental of private property as a socialistic assault upon not only the system of private ownership of property, but upon the right of each American citizen to manage his private affairs without regulation from an all-powerful central government.”  [Answer]

A. American Independent Party 1968  B. Republican Party 1964  C. Libertarian Party 1976  D.  Democratic Party 1932

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