Nathan Sproul’s Minions At Work In Nevada — Again

Somewhere in southern California Donald Segretti is smiling. The progeny of his GOP Dirty Tricks Department are alive, well, and doing nicely in Nevada.  Consider the “pranks” described by John L. Smith in his post concerning their efforts at the JobConnect Center in Henderson, Nevada.

Now, why would the employees of Nathan Sproul be giving inaccurate information to people at the JobConnect office on Water Street in Henderson? JobConnect is a statewide network the purpose of which is to match unemployed Nevadans with available jobs.  Could it be that the Republicans hired Sproul associates to direct their efforts at misinformation toward those most likely to vote Democratic?

Who would be the most likely to show up at a JobConnect office? Statistically speaking our national unemployment rate for all Americans for 2011 was 9.4%.  However, it was 8.3% for whites, 17.8% for blacks, and 11.2% for Hispanics.  [BLS]  If the 2012 statistics are comparable to those for 2011, and if we assume that the unemployment trends among ethnic groups is essentially the same for Nevadans as it is for the rest of the country, then the conclusion is inescapable — the election misinformation was generally aimed at non-white voters in Nevada.  And, since Mr. Smith is observably white, then we’d have to add that the mis-information efforts at JobConnect were directed at the unemployed.

Think about this for a second.  Not only are the targets of this GOP mis-information campaign the unemployed among us, but the T’Party/GOP would like to disenfranchise them as well — lose your job, lose your vote.  Nothing like kicking people when they are already down.   Now, consider the misinformation the people at the JobConnect office were given according to Mr. Smith.

“This is not to direct you to vote,” he said. “It’s not. It’s to get your address for the correct polling place. You’ll get a card in the mail.” It says it’s a voter registration form.” […] “You’ll get a new card.” [LVRJ]

Nevada doesn’t have white cards, green cards, or pink, or yellow, or whatever color cards required for voting.  Heaven knows, some T’Party aficionados in the 2011 Legislature tried to get photo identification vote suppression laws on the books, but they failed.

“Pretty soon we’re going to have voter I.D., you watch,” he said. “You’re going to have it. Pretty soon you’re going to have voter I.D.”  In the Northeast, he assured me, New York has voter identification and there’s no fraud. [LVRJ]

Not. So. Fast.   Once more, with feeling, Senator Roberson’s (R-Clark 5) SB 374, Assemblyman Hambrick’s AB 327,  Assemblymen Stewart and Woodbury’s AB 425,  Assemblyman Hansen’s AB 431, and Assemblyman Hardy’s AB 434, all failed in the 2011 session of the Nevada Legislature.

New York? No, the Empire State has no voter identification card, in fact it’s statutes required ID only if identification wasn’t presented at the time the person was registered.  IF identification wasn’t verified at the time of registration then a person voting in New York has only to show:

  • A driver’s license or department of motor vehicles non-driver photo ID card or other current and valid photo identification;
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

That’s it.   The entire Water Street spiel concerning New York’s identification requirements  was the south bound product of a north bound bull.

It’s nice the Sproulite admitted New York has no voter fraud — because New York has no voter identification card requirements.

What is the Sproulite trying to convey? Is it (1) if you don’t get a white, green, fuchsia, mauve… card in the mail you can’t vote?  (2) That if you don’t have a voter identification card you can’t vote? (3) That if you don’t register with the Sproulites then your registration is questionable?

Worse still, according to Smith, a Sproulite has been sighted destroying a voter registration form.  [LVRJ]

“In Nevada, the secretary of state’s office is investigating a complaint from Gina Greisen, a Democrat and animal rights activist. Earlier this month, she said, she witnessed a man tear up a woman’s voter registration form that identified her as a Democrat and instruct her to fill out a new form without any party affiliation. Greisen said an employee from the Clark County Department of Elections determined that torn form (which Greisen retrieved from the trash) was registered to Strategic Allied Consulting.” [BradBlog]

What’s the problem with filling out an unaffiliated registration form? Simple, those who are unaffiliated aren’t on the mailing and contact lists for the political parties.  Thus, the party (either one of the major parties, or any smaller one) can’t “find” the voter for Get Out The Vote Efforts.   GOTV mailers and other political items  which go out to everyone are expensive and less efficient than those targeted to specific voters — the aim appears to be to require Democrats and smaller parties to spend more money to reach their audiences.

There’s something extremely distasteful about the Wall Street Wizards, Captains of Industry, and modern day Robber Barons, promoting a ‘wealth management’ candidate for the presidency who has promised to deliver an economic program described as “Bush On Steroids,” all while financing the efforts of a well known Dirty Trickster to prey on those already suffering from the ramifications of that kind of program, AND to prey upon the least informed among us — not to edify but to deliberately misinform them.


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