I suppose we can assume Nevada, though Battle Born, is no longer a battle ground — when the GOP vice presidential candidate, who has been bravely seeking votes in Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia, [AJC] is scheduled to drop into the Silver State [LVSun] it must be official.  [RGJ]

Meanwhile Real Clear Politics ranks the senatorial contest as a toss up, but with Senator By Appointment Only™ Dean Heller leading Representative Shelley Berkley (D-N1) by 3.5%.

The Nevada Democratic Party has a timely reminder: “The time is now…call 323-8683 or 870-1512 or go to NOW to sign up to volunteer for the final GOTV push this weekend, Monday, and/or Election Day Tuesday.”

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) commented on the October jobs report, and the importance of this election:
Americans cannot afford the Republican plan that takes us back to the failed policies that crippled our economy in the first place – unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthy, unregulated Wall Street, and unpaid-for spending. Yet, for the past two years in the majority, House Republicans – joined by Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan – have offered a repeat of this same agenda, threatening middle class security and our economic growth. Americans deserve better.”

Need information about polling places? Click HERE.  Or, for Washoe County click here.   Clark County click here.


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