Libya,Rice, and What The Heck?

Nevada Rep. Joe Heck (R- )  wasn’t quite ready for prime time on CNN.

“Soledad O’Brien humiliated GOP Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada on CNN yesterday just by letting him talk. She pointed out that his argument that Ambassador Rice should be blocked from nomination because she repeated the intelligence given to her but was not in a position to know better, whereas Condi Rice knew better when she misled the public into war with Iraq, was actually more of a defense of Ambassador Rice.”

“O’BRIEN: Let’s walk through that more slowly — let me walk through that more slowly so you don’t lose me. You’re saying the issue in both cases, weapons of mass destruction and information intelligence coming to the U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, both cases the information was wrong. What you take exception with is what the White House did later?

HECK: Exactly.

O’BRIEN: I feel like you’re saying, from your own comments, that Susan Rice had nothing to do with either of those things. She didn’t have something to do with the intelligence failures, which I believe you just said. And it looks as if she had no knowledge at the time. Why would you possibly blame her then?

HECK: I’m not blaming Ambassador Rice.  [Politicususa]


Uh, wasn’t Representative Joe Heck sent to the cameras in order to assist the GOP efforts to create some traction for their post election tantrum?

Five minute video available here.   Representative Heck has tangled his argument so badly that he ends up defending Ambassador Rice, and tries to blame the administration for putting out “conflicting” information to the American public.  Good thing O’Brien and the panel didn’t inquire about how much conflicting information came from former Secretary of State Rice on behalf of the Bush Administration concerning the Iraq War.   Rep. Heck might have become completely enmeshed in his tangled talking points.

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