Quick Preview of 2013 Bills in the NV Legislature

Nevada Legislature BuildingAs the Assembled Wisdom gathers in Carson City for the next legislative session there are some bills to watch:  (pdf alert!)

AB84 – sections of this bill increase the reporting requirements for non-profit groups which seek to influence the outcome of state elections.

SB28 – provides expanded authority regarding the investigation into acts of fraud, etc. by securities brokers and dealers.

AB1 – includes provisions regarding eligibility for Medicaid and Medicaid provided services.

AB35 – from the Secretary of State’s office concerning campaign finance reporting, provisions for ending and suspending campaigns.

AB65 – makes changes to exempt some committee and subcommittee meetings from the requirements of the Open Meeting Law.

SB11 – Prohibits the possession in Nevada of wildlife that was acquired, hunted, taken or transported in violation of a law or regulation of another state or country.

SB34 – Pertaining to the risk pools established by the Public Employees Retirement System.

Those not familiar with the Nevada Legislature may want to bookmark some of the following links:

(1) The Nevada Legislature official website.

(2) Information about the 77th (2013) session.

(3) Bill and bill information link.  Alert! Bills are posted in pdf.

(4) Pre-filed bills in the Nevada Legislature.

(5) Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus.

(6) The Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus website is a work in progress, but the link is here.

(7) Nevada Democratic Party website.


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2 responses to “Quick Preview of 2013 Bills in the NV Legislature

  1. Sin City Siren

    Thanks for this! Also, look for a bill about comprehensive sex education again this session. (I don’t think it’s in yet.)

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