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Cattle RoundupThere’s some good writing and commentary going on around the Nevada blogosphere; here’s some of it:

Nevada Progressive reports the NRA is planning a closed door seminar for members of the Nevada Legislature.  Here’s the obvious question – If the gun manufacturer’s lobby isn’t trying to play sneaky with its legislative agenda, then why the closed doors?  Because it’s “invitation only?”  Ralston Reports: The National Rifle Association is hosting an “elected officials-only classroom and range tutorial” this month to educate lawmakers on the “purpose and practical use of semi-automatic firearms and the differences between semi-automatic and automatic function.”  Let’s guess — the gun manufacturer’s lobby is out to demonstrate to the faithful that (1) “guns are just guns” and it’s just entirely too tricky to ban assault style weapons because of the definitional technicalities; or (2) “lots of guns are semi-automatic,” and we’d not want to revert to the days of the revolver?  And, what might the purpose be for the “automatic function?”

This, after Media Day at the Boulder Pistol and Rifle Range, Boulder City, NV yesterday, which by the NRA count garnered some 1,275 members of the media, to gape at the “… rifles, pistols, targets, holsters, ammunition, all-terrain vehicles, optics, and more, Media Day has a little bit of everything.”  Except perhaps, an acknowledgement that NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly may be on to something when he says that 85% of all the children killed by gun violence on this planet reside in the United States.

The Damned Pundit aka Gleaner adds a specific bit of information concerning the next session of the Assembled Wisdom:

“A freshly elected Republican Assemblywoman from Las Vegas by the name of Michele Fiore is leading the charge to not only let hungover 13th-graders take a semi-automatic 9MM pistol with a 17-round clip to History 101 at your local community college. Fiore also wants to arm K-12 teachers and administrators.”

Vegas Jessie adds a well informed, and cogent rant on the firearms question and the participants therein.  The Sin City Siren speaks of another gathering — those celebrating the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22nd.  Then, click over to “People who live in glass states shouldn’t heckle Mississippi,” for information regarding the accessibility of legal, safe, abortion medical procedures by state.

Speaking of the nation paying its bills — we might want to question some of the charges Congress has authorized in the past — like the $1 trillion (yes, trillion with a T) which has been paid to fraudulent defense contractors.  The Nevada Rural Democratic Caucus posts Senator Bernie Sanders’ comments in full.

And, who we aren’t paying?  That would be public employees — for the factually challenged who believe that public employment is a bountiful brunch at the public trough, NSEF reminds us:

“The average state employee makes about $49,000 a year while the average Nevadan, about $50,000. Further, a fifth of all state employees make less than $25,000. State employees are paid up to 30 percent less than local government employees who have collective bargaining rights.  State employees are not getting rich working for the state.”

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