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Round UpGood news, bad news — there is only a seven month inventory of bank owned residential properties in the Las Vegas, NV area.  The housing market appears to be leveling out in this region.  Good news for homeowners who’ve been waiting for their investment to appreciate, bad news for buyers.  [LV Sun] [RGJ]

Pure Fiction — the radical right rant in the RGJ on the 2nd Amendment which manages in a couple of short paragraphs to be almost fact free.  Best line? “The Second Amendment states the right to bear arms, not shotgun or long rifles. That means what it says, arms, tanks, machine guns and all other forms of arms so that the people would be on a parity with the government.”   May we ask, where in the city of Sparks do you intend to park your aircraft carrier?

Nevada Progressive discusses the Senate Judiciary committee hearings yesterday, complete with video of former Representative Gabby Giffords’ brief but poignant testimony.  ICYMI, Vegas Jessie looked at the NRA’s newly discovered interest in mental illness, as a distraction from the real issues.  TPM traces the new nullification efforts by radical conservatives.

Lady’s Day — Good reading at The Sin City Siren about the Feminist Files: If you aren’t outraged you aren’t paying attentionArkansas joins the ranks of Republican legislatures determined to keep women pregnant and in the kitchen.   And, then there’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s take down of the conservative lady who ardently believes that we should be defending our children with assault rifles.

Energy — Green tech firms, especially those seeking to increase our use of wind and solar power are seeking tax relief benefits from Congress, similar to those granted to the fossil fuel giants. [DealBook]  While the Chinese are gasping, the U.S. is learning that metal mining is responsible for 46% of “toxic releases” in our environment. [Earthworks] 15% is from power generation.

Unhealthy Ideas — a GOP legislator in our neighbor to the north (as in Idaho) compares the Affordable Care Act to the Holocaust — thus demonstrating she doesn’t understand either.   Meanwhile there’s the problem of the Unlucky Ducks and Medicaid.

Chart of the Day:

Public Sector employment chartOnce more we repeat with fervor: Austerity Doesn’t Create Prosperity.

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