Amodei votes for GOP version of VAWA

Amodei 3Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV2) was the sole member of the Nevada Congressional delegation to vote in favor of the McMorris-Rodgers substitute for the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act. [Roll Call 54] In doing so, Amodei was the only Nevadan to vote in favor of removing protections for Native American women, and extending protection to persons in gay or lesbian relationships.   Other Nevada Representatives, Horsford, Heck, Titus, voted against the GOP version of the bill.

Representative Amodei changed his vote to ‘yes’ on the second vote of the day, Roll Call 55, to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act. (Senate Version)  However, any attempt by Representative Amodei to later claim “I voted For VAWA,” should be tempered by the knowledge that his initial vote was squarely in line with the Tenther, or radical portion of the GOP which couldn’t find it necessary to extend the protection of the act to ALL individuals in the U.S. in domestic relationships.

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