It’s an honor…but there are more

Best State Blogs PatchGetting on the Best State Blogs list in the Washington Post’s “The Fix” is very personally rewarding, and many many thanks to the readers who support this little blog’s efforts.  However, there are many more blogs in the Nevada ether, and it would be pure negligence not to highlight some of the other good reading available in Nevada:

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada has an informative blog concerning state issues, especially in the Nevada state legislature.  PLAN supports progressive policies in immigration, environmental justice, health care, and LGBT rights to name a few of its interests.

Buzzlzarownd is a relatively new blog in the Silver State, the most recent post concerned taxation of the mining industry — or the lack thereof.

Progress Now Nevada provides a wide range of posts on politics, taxation, gun violence mitigation, and other progressive policy issues.

The Gleaner moves around some, lately found at the Old Diggings, but more recently to be read at City Life, and for pure Style + Substance there are few who can match the information and erudition.

The Nevada Progressive is a consistently good source of information and analysis about state and local politics. Check out the latest post — and discover “She’s Baccckkk” — that would be the redoubtable, and doubtable Sharron Angle.

Nevada State Employee Focus covers information and issues related to state employees and their wages, salaries and working conditions, including the state retirement system.

The Nevada Rural Democratic Caucus offers everything from calendars to legislative hearings.  And, don’t think it’s all about rural Nevada…there are some excellent pieces about Congressional politics and policies as well.  You’ll also want to check in on “On My Blotter” periodically.

Ralston Reports, also on The Fix List, provides up-to-date reporting and insight in Nevada politics.  “Ralston Reports” airs weekdays at 6:30 PM on Channels 4 (Reno) and 10 (Elko) and on Channel 3 in Las Vegas at 7:30 PM.”  Not to be missed.

Slash/Politics is Steve Sebelius’s contribution to our understanding of national and state politics, with a nice bit of local information from the southland too.

The Nevada View has a potpourri of articles on national, state, and local politics, all with a progressive perspective.  Currently there are articles on the University of Nevada system, Nevada taxation, and the voting rights act.

The Sin City Siren is one of the best stops for posts and links to information concerning women’s issues.

Vegas Jessie has been online since April 2012, with informative posts with a progressive perspective.  Two recent posts are about Jim Crow and Gerrymandering, and the Rand Paul Insanity.

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