Pro-Gun Laws in the Nevada Legislature

GunsIf we’d thought that the tragic incidents in Aurora, Colorado, or Newtown, Connecticut had sunk into the minds of some members of the Nevada Legislature, we’d have to give it another think.  If we’d thought that knowing that as of 2005 of the 1181 women killed by intimate male partners (not counting ex-boyfriends) 678 were fatally injured by firearms [NCBI] would make a difference — we’d be wrong.   (All bills are in pdf format)

Guns Galore!

S.B. 137  (pdf) removes restrictions from concealed carry.   From the LCB summary:

 Existing law prohibits a person from carrying certain concealed weapons, including firearms, without a permit. (NRS 202.350, 202.3653-202.369)  Section 2  of this bill removes firearms from the list of weapons which a person is prohibited from carrying in a concealed manner. Section 11 of this bill repeals the provision which requires a person to have a permit to carry a concealed firearm and repeals certain other provisions concerning permits to carry concealed firearms.

Existing law also requires certain political subdivisions of this State in a county whose population is 700,000 or more (currently Clark County), which adopted ordinances or regulations before June 13, 1989, that require the registration of firearms capable of being concealed, to make certain amendments to such registration provisions. (NRS 244.364, 268.418, 269.222) Sections 8 of this bill delete the provisions requiring certain political subdivisions of this State to make such amendments. (emphasis added)

The bill is sponsored by State Senators Gustavson, Cegavske, Goicoechea, and Settelmeyer.   The bill’s counterpart in the Assembly is A.B. 232 sponsored by Oscarson, Fiore, Ellison, Wheeler, Hickey, and Hardy.

Then there’s S.B. 226, sponsored by Senators Settelmeyer, Guvstavson, and Goicoechea which grants a one size fits all conceal carry permit, and again eliminates any provisions enacted prior to June 13, 1989.   AB 195 eases the renewal process for concealed carry permits. “Section 1 of this bill provides that any personwho possesses a valid permit that was issued on or before June 30, 2011, and who has not since renewed the permit may submit an application to renew the permit at any time before the permit expires.”

S.B. 223 opens up the University campuses, public schools, and private schools for concealed carry permit holders.  Under the provisions of sections 1 and 2, anyone would be allowed to carry a concealed firearm on any campus if the person has a permit, and has notified administrative personnel that “the employee” will be “carrying.”   Nothing in the measure mentions what might happen if an administrator says, “No.”  The bill’s Assembly counterpart is A.B. 143.

The “guns on campus” bills are promoted by ALEC and the NRA, and have been categorized among the “9 most appalling gun laws backed by the right wing.” [Salon]

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