Saturday Blog and News Roundup

Cattle RoundupIt’s been a while since the last Round Up of good reading from the blogs, Nevada’s and from other parts of the country.  From the Nevada Progressive we learn that the radical fundies have put the kibosh on realistic sex education programs in the state of Nevada.  Heaven forefend we’d adopt curricula in this state which would alleviate the issue of unwanted pregnancies, provide accurate and adequate information about contraception, and prevent abortions….  There’s more on the topic from The Sin City Siren.

Looking for a concise summary of the tax issues before the Nevada legislature? Your first stop should be Sebelius’s “A Few Truths..” posting.   Hugh Jackson takes a gander at the Chamber of Commerce and its abiding love for education, just so long as it doesn’t cost them any coin of the realm — a taste of the full column.

“The chamber is “for” education. So a billionaire can sashay into a chamber gathering and win applause by saying that education needs more money — just so long as she qualifies her declaration as a “conceptual” need that merely requires the nodding of heads, as opposed to an actual need that demands businesses start paying some taxes.”

Add a bit of video to your news perusal by clicking over to Jon Ralston’s “Legislature poised to hide money and gifts.”   If all this is making you thirsty, click over to the Blue Nevadan for a list of Drinking Liberally sessions.   Another event worth noting is a rally for immigration justice in Reno on May 29th , details are available from the Nevada Rural Democratic Caucus.

Best of the Week

Speaking of Immigration — Crooks and Liars posts a good read on a federal judge’s ruling that “Sheriff Joe” has been engaging in good old fashioned racial profiling.  Surprised?

How many bridges have to collapse in this country before we get SERIOUS about funding infrastructure projects?  Add the I-5 bridge over Skagit River in Washington to the list of failed structures. There’s more on the story from Think Progress.  Click over to Demos for “The High Cost of Bad Infrastructure.”

I’d be much more in tune with the current Republican poutrage over the investigation of a Fox “news” reporter IF the network hadn’t called for a DoJ investigation of the New York Times beginning  in December 2005.  Perrspectives has a post devoted to this topic. “The next month, Deputy U.S. Attorney Matthew W. Friedrich told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Bush DOJ thought that journalists or “anyone” could be prosecuted under the Espionage Act for publishing classified information.”   And, then:

“As it turned out, those words came as music to the ears of Fox News and the conservative commentariat. After all, they had been cheerleading for the Bush administration to prosecute the New York Times for months.”

The National Journal has an insightful piece about “How the GOP Will Keep Stirring the Scandal Stew Over Recess.”  Nomadic Politics asks “Why should Tea Party Groups have any tax exemptions?”  Good question!

Then we have the specter of the House Republicans imperiling the U.S. economy and governance in general by refusing to appoint their own conferees, as explained in Politicususa.   While you’re on the site, see how the GOP may not be a viable national party much longer if they keep putting the interests (read: profits) of the Big Banks over the needs of students.   Oh, for the Good Old Days of the Whigs?  The Booman Tribune takes a look at our dysfunctional Congress in “Talking to a Living Room Table.”  Well worth the click and read.

Have a Great Weekend!

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