That’s What I Like About The South: Agitating Aggregation

Phil HarrisAh, the lyrics from Indiana native Phil Harris’s 1947 rendition of “That’s What I Like About The South:”

“She’s got baked ribs and candied yams
Those sugar-cured Virginia hams
Basement full of those berry jams
An’ that’s what I like about the South

Hot corn bread, black-eyed peas
You can eat as much as you please
‘Cause it’s never out of season
That’s what I like about the South…” [link]

No, this isn’t about Paula Deen’s excursion into the per-fervid climes of racial epithets, the topic is closer to the consequences of  artery clogging Southern Fried Gravy Engulfed Cuisine — and how the citizens of Mississippi aren’t going to be able to do much about it.

Like Harris’s popular post-war song, the situation in Mississippi in terms of health care might be amusing in the schadenfreude sense if the ramifications weren’t so tragic.  Perrspectives has an excellent post describing how, in a GOP controlled state, half the counties will have no health insurers participating in the federal marketplace, and two corporations will be serving 46 of the state’s 82 counties.

Perhaps Mississippi is closer to the Janis Joplin plaintive delivery of “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”  In the interest of Liberty, Freedom, and the Free Market (and all those other buzz words for Leave Me Alone) the citizens of Mississippi have so much Freedom they have very little left to lose.  Except their health and their lives.

Meanwhile in the Lone Star State, a Democratic organizer comments on the Governor’s decision to call a SECOND special session on his pet anti-abortion bill:

“Less than 24 hours after a heroic filibuster by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and her Senate colleagues, Gov. Rick Perry once again reminded voters here why he has become a Texas-sized symbol of failure and blind self-serving partisanship.

Perry’s call for a 2nd Special Session is big and intrusive government at its worst. Rather than working to solve real problems and meet the real challenges we face in creating jobs, improving schools and building a better Texas, Perry has made it clear that those issues don’t matter to him.”

How’s that outreach to women voters coming along now for the Grand Old Party?

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