Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July

4th of July Fireworks Liberty  From our home to yours:  Have a safe and happy 4th of July.  And since there’s a heat wave going on in this region of the country, please take a look at NOAA’s heat safety suggestions.   While you’re keeping as safe and cool as possible, please remember the needs of furry members of the family — the ASPCA has a page full of information about keeping pets safe during hot spells.

Please take some moments to consider the situation of elderly family members, friends, and neighbors.  The Family Caregiver Alliance has an excellent summary of information regarding heat waves and the impact that kind of weather can have on elderly persons.  The FCA advises, “Check in often: If the person lives alone, check in daily or ask a neighbor to look in several times a day. If the person lacks transportation, make sure someone takes him or her to and from appointments, grocery stores, etc.”

If you have elderly family members, neighbors, or friends who are without air-conditioning take note of whether they have a fan, have easy access to cool water, and light food.  If the elderly person doesn’t drive, perhaps consider volunteering to make a trip to purchase ice or other necessities.  A bowl of ice water in front of a fan can make a critical difference in a unair-conditioned room.

Be watchful of children…nothing will so quickly earn the enmity of DB as finding out a person left children or pets in a hot vehicle while on a “quick trip to the store.”   Leave the pets at home, and take the children with you inside the store… or consign yourself to the category of Complete And Utter Unmitigated Unalloyed Jerk for life. Please do not join the ranks of fools who thought leaving the engine running with the A/C on was a “good idea at the time.”

Slow down, eat lightly, stay as cool as possible, demonstrate your concern for others, and Enjoy Your 4th of July!

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