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Jig Saw PuzzleThe loopholes and other crafty bits of the Nevada statutes on guns isn’t going unnoticed.  See Launce Rake’s post in City Life for what gun sale check advocates are doing in the Silver State.   There’s more in the ever vigilant Nevada Progressive.  And, more from The Sin City Siren.  No, this discussion isn’t going away quietly, not while the First Lady “shines new light on the gun debate.” Jon Ralston reminds us Nevada Democrats were part of the push for a SYG law in Nevada.  I’m intrigued by the response from the radical right — if the President talks about gun violence, he’s “attacking our 2nd Amendment rights,” but if he says nothing then he’s insensitive to the plight of young people in Chicago?  And, speaking of the radical right…

Oh, Heck! He’s playing every old card in the deck in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.  This is further explained by Hugh Jackson, in a highly informative and, as always, entertaining article.  Some wit tweeted today: “Liberals protest war; Conservatives protest health care.”    If there’s one War Representative Heck is delighted to wade into it’s on a woman’s right to select the health care she needs during a pregnancy.   In May 2011 he voted in favor of H.R. 3, to prohibit federal funds from being used to pay for abortions (in spite of the fact that federal funds are already prevented from funding abortions by the Hyde Amendment).  In October 2011 he voted for an amendment to prohibit private insurance companies from offering health insurance companies from covering abortion services.  In May 2012 he voted for PRENDA, and in July 2012 he voted for a bill to prohibit abortions in the District of Columbia.  His last assault on a woman’s right to choose came on June 18, 2013 when he voted in favor of H.R. 1797.   [VoteSmart]  It’s all about being “pro-life” until it comes to feeding the little critters — Representative Heck doesn’t believe Food Stamps should be part of an agriculture bill, leaving a person to wonder where he thinks food comes from? [LVSun]

The NRDC blog has a lovely piece of correspondence from Senator Dean Heller (R-Wall Street) in which he weasels quite nicely out of taking any position on the nomination of Gina McCarthy to head the EPA.   Opposition to the junior Senator’s participation in GOP obstructionism in the Senate is supposed to be assuaged by saying, “I’ll keep your perspective in mind?”  It doesn’t appear that happened — Senator Heller was one of 40 members of the Senate who voted against McCarthy’s confirmation. [roll call 180]  Heller also voted against the confirmation of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez. [roll call 178]

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