Amodei’s Tour: Questions and Questionable Answers

Amodei 3Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV2) answered questions from constituents in Winnemucca on a recent tour of the hinterlands [SilverPinyonJ] — sort of. He’s in favor of immigration reform legislation…just not comprehensive immigration reform. He’s afraid the Affordable Care Act will eventually lead to a single payer system of health insurance, “a system lends itself to “political stuff instead of market stuff” as was seen most recently with the debate on food stamps.” [SilverPinyonJ] Whatever “stuff” may mean.  He went on to explain that the recent farm bill, which slashed SNAP funding while maintaining subsidies for corporate farming, was part of “too much absolutism with some members fighting about taxes and some fighting about cuts” — And, where does Representative Amodei stand on this battlefield?  Crickets?

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