Friday Bits and Pieces

Jig Saw PuzzleNevada items:  The Sin City Siren explains, at some length, what the latest  flap about feminism is about.  For those who haven’t been following the TwitterFlap, this post is a good place to start.  Complete with a tidy summary: “But the story here is not really about him. It’s about the failures we’ve built into the system that is supposed to be about dismantling all this racist, patriarchal bullshit.”

Sebelius reminds us that the yucky Yucca Mountain mess isn’t going away any faster than the degradation of nuclear material to be contained therein.

The Nevada Progressive has been following the immigration reform efforts and the continuing attempts to get straight answers from Representative Joe Heck (R-NV3).  There are several informative posts on the subject.

Miss this? The Nevada Rural Democratic Caucus promoted the emergeNevada project which seeks qualified women candidates for public offices in the Silver State.  The post contains the recommendation, sign up, and training links.   Check for Washoe County Democratic Party events at the WCD site.

Around the blogosphereMario Piperni has an excellent post on the travails of the “sane Republicans”  who are disturbed by the radicalism of some of their party’s current leadership.  Joan McCarter points out that not only is the U.S. judicial branch dealing with the obstructionism of GOP leaders in the Senate and the consequent vacancies in our courts, but now the chief judges are upset about the effects of the Sequester.  There’s more here.

Perrspectives has an informative post on how state run health insurance exchanges are giving blue states an edge in health care in this country.   Well worth the click and read, and illustrated with charts and graphs for your reading pleasure.

Sarah Jones doesn’t pull any punches as she analyzes the tendency of the current GOP to deny the racism underlying many of its political faces.   Highly recommended reading!  And, it’s difficult to disagree considering the Republican Congressman’s invitation to the Minstrel Show rodeo clown/moron to perform in Texas.  Mijin Cha explains why the March on Washington is as relevant as ever.

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