Nevada’s Word Salad Shooter?

Salad ShooterAs the celebrity of the 1/2 time Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, dims in the national limelight, Nevada may have a Word Salad Shooter waiting in the wings — Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV2), whose response to journalist Ray Hagar is reported as follows:

When asked about the Senate version on Nevada Newsmakers, Amodei told me:

“Com’ on, I know you got better than a “C” in civics at Manogue High. There are two branches (of Congress). Have you ever asked anybody in the Senate, ‘Why don’t you just pass the house bill?’ No.”

“Then he went on an Amodei roll: “The people who elected me are just as entitled to have their voice heard in the context of CD2, as the folks who elected the statewide senate folks. That is why there are two houses…listen, they (senate) did good job in some areas, not that is was perfect. We’ve done, I think, a better job with E-Verify, we took the ag (agriculture) worker piece and did that that… and let me tell you about the Border (Patrol) piece, (Sen.) John McCain, two weeks ago said, ‘We are never going to surge those guys. We not not going to spend $46 billion on the border, which by the way is longer than 2,000 miles – geography teachers in Nevada.”  [INP Hagar]

Got all that?

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