Skip the E-Mails and go to Nevada Health Link, you’ll feel better in the morning

DoctorThe Reno Gazette Journal, attempts to set the record straight on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in regard to some of the (let’s guess e-mail, RW radio) blathering:

Short question: Will there be forced home inspections under the Affordable Care Act?  Short answer: No. The law provides grants for state home-visiting programs for expectant and new parents. The programs are voluntary and participants can opt out any time. [RGJ]

We can file that into the Really Big Scare Tactics To Make People Very Very Afraid — Terrified, I Say — of the Affordable Care Act bin, perpetrated by the Republicans and their allies in the Club For Growth.

And, no, the “navigators” — individuals trained to help people who don’t have health insurance find a policy on offer in their state health insurance exchange — aren’t going to put your personal information in peril from Identity Thieves.  [RGJ]

“Navigators who will help Nevadans sign up for health insurance coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act will undergo a federal background check and submit fingerprints.”  [RGJ]

Anything else in your e-mail box from Crazy Uncle Fester on the Affordable Care Act, especially if it begins “FWD FWD FWD FWD…” can most likely be relegated to the same bin.

So, relax there are no “Death Panels,” and  this isn’t Socialism (GOP speak for anything with which they disagree) or Communism (that label fell out of favor when Berlin Wall went down), or Nazi-ism (the Nazis were radical right wing corporatists, aka fascists).

Instead of spending hours of your life researching and fact-checking Uncle Fester’s e-mails, and any more minutes wasted on cogitating upon the ideological purity of various and sundry governmental activities — follow the Nevada Division of Insurance’s suggestions:

“If you are an individual adult who makes $46,021 or less and do not receive health insurance coverage from your employer, you are likely eligible for premium assistance or Medicaid through (also known as the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange).

If your family of four makes $93,700 or less and do not receive health insurance coverage from your employer, you are likely eligible for premium assistance or Medicaid through the

To find out if you are eligible for premium assistance or Medicaid visit”

Got Questions?  NevadaHealthLink will tell you:

Nevada Health Link is here to help you find a health insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget. Using Nevada Health Link, you’ll be able to find a plan that covers your medical needs. Also, with Nevada Health Link’s online marketplace, no one will be turned away because of pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes or cancer. With Nevada Health Link, you can select a plan that’s cost is based upon your annual income. There will also be tax credits and other financial help for those who need it.”

That’s right, the Nevada Division of Insurance links to Nevada Health Link which is your place for one-stop shopping for a PRIVATE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE PLAN which will best meet your needs and your budget.   Sorry, no Socialism — just a way for insurance corporations to compete for YOUR business.  Now, for accurate and useful information click either on the print link or the logo….


Nevada Health Link Logo

Now, feel better?


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3 responses to “Skip the E-Mails and go to Nevada Health Link, you’ll feel better in the morning

  1. agent provocateur

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.

  2. Honestly, the keeing that is going on about this is ridiculous.

    Here is the email I sent to our HR director after listening to him in a meeting on Monday freaking out about the ACA . (It was pretty clear where he stand politically based on this particular exchange.

    He noted that for our company, nothing changes. (We have employer provided insurance and it’s good!) But then he started going on and on worrying about employees who may lose their coverage from a spouse’s plan, what if they can’t afford our insurance, tax stuff, etc. “I don’t know what to tell them!!!”So I sent him this to basically try to talk him off the ledge:

    Two links you might want to provide to any employee who chooses not to avail themselves of our company-provided insurance. Both sites seem pretty comprehensive and well laid out. Main web site which answers all kinds of questions and walks the user through their options and guides them to their state exchanges (if the state has put one in place, as Nevada has). I just gave it a cursory exam. When the user clicks on the “See Your Options” button, the user is guided through a series of questions regarding coverage, after which the user is taken to a page that describes what kind of tax credits they may be eligible for and provides a link to Nevada’s page. Lots of information there including a premium calculator based on income/family size.

  3. keeing = keening (typo – and my previous comment is in moderation)