It’s Official: Heller Votes for Government Shut Down

Heller Vote Shut Down

Yes, Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) voted on roll call 209, 113th Congress, to shut down the government unless the Democrats agreed to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Let’s Review?  What was SO bad that the federal government must shut down to avoid it?

#1.  Prohibiting health care insurance corporations from rescinding coverage for the sick or injured because of pre-existing conditions or technical glitches on insurance applications.  So, if you forgot you had the chicken pox at age 15 your coverage could be cancelled at 55 when you needed it the most.

#2. Prohibiting health care insurance corporation from refusing coverage because of pre-existing conditions.  Thus if one of your children was born with a congenital defect, no insurance coverage for your family.

#3. Prohibiting health care insurance corporations from putting life time limits on your benefits, no matter how long you’d been paying the premiums.

#4. Forbidding health insurance corporations from spending more than 80% of the premiums they collect from policy holders on things like advertising, overhead, or CEO compensation.

#5. Closing the infamous “do-nut hole” for prescription medication for senior citizens.

#6. Extending the solvency of the Medicare program until 2029.

#7. Opening health care insurance markets in all the states where individuals who don’t have employer paid insurance plans can shop for the policies which best fit their budgets and needs.

#8. Assisting American families who might find health care insurance policies unaffordable by subsidizing the insurance corporations to pay for their policies.   Perhaps some day one of the Obamacare critics can explain to me how subsidizing corporations is “socialism?”

#9. Offering a marketplace similar to the one for families to small business owners  so they, too, can shop for affordable group plans for their employees.

#10. Increasing the penalties for Medicare fraud.  Doesn’t anyone call for Law and Order anymore?

#11. Under the provisions of the ACA a child can stay on the family’s health care plan until age 26.

#12. The ACA requires insurance corporations to provide coverage for basic health care for children (check ups, immunization, etc.), basic health screening services for working men and women (prostate exams, mammograms),  and provides for cancer screenings for the elderly on Medicare.

There’s more in the ACA, but this list includes a dozen reasons why the “defund, delay, dismantle” policy of the House and Senate Republicans is beyond silly and is sliding into Whacko-Bird, Weirdness Land.

Are the Republicans really saying: “We have to shut down Obamacare so that people can’t go ‘one stop shopping’ for affordable health care insurance from private corporations?

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