Amodei at the Alamo

Amodei 3Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV2) issued the following statement after casting a vote to keep the federal government closed and to default on our national obligations:

“During two campaigns, I told Nevadans I would give my full attention to such issues as reining in runaway federal spending, debt, and the harmful aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Unlike many in this town, I will not test your memories and hope you have forgotten. I will continue to pursue these necessary goals. Nothing in this legislation changes the real threats to our country’s economy. It does provide an earmark for a dam in Kentucky, though. Really?

“In this job, I’ve met many people I respect and admire. But it saddens me to see such important matters decided by the political box score instead of what really matters – getting the policy right for the people who are impacted, which, in the case of our economy, federal spending and debt, and health care, is all Americans.”

“This has been quite an education serving Nevada for the past 25 months. We have turned over every rock and undertaken this latest effort against the Senate, the Administration, the national media, and the other side of the aisle in the House. My conscience is clear with respect to an all-out effort in a four against one fight. I now know how those folks at the Alamo felt.”  [Amodei]

Really? Threats to our national economy?  (1) Runaway federal spending? (2) Debt? and (3) The Affordable Care Act?  While these are the three main Tea Party talking points, they aren’t anymore accurate than they are rational.

Politifact checked the assertion that federal spending has actually been reduced and found:

“Between 1953 and 1955, federal spending fell each year, from $76.1 billion to $70.9 billion to $68.4 billion, according to the Office of Management and Budget. By 1956, spending had edged up again, to $70.6 billion.

After that, spending almost always went up every year, at least until recently. It fell for one year between 1964 and 1965, and then once again between 2009 and 2010.

But the only time it fell two years in a row was between 2011 and 2013. In 2011, federal outlays were $3.60 trillion. Outlays fell to $3.54 trillion in 2012, and the Congressional Budget Office projects the figure to fall to $3.46 trillion in 2013.”

What’s “runaway” about spending that has declined for two years in a row?   Let’s take this information and add it to the obvious about the budget deficit: The last Republican President to cut the deficit was…. Dwight David Eisenhower.

Once more here’s the graphic from Forbes magazine:

Obama spending forbes chart

Evidently, Representative Amodei hasn’t tested his memory in any search for accurate information when the prescribed Tea Party talking points will suffice. In spite of:

CBO says deficit problem is solved for the next 10 years: …according to the Congressional Budget Office, the debt disaster that has obsessed the political class for the last three years is pretty much solved, at least for the next 10 years or so.

The last time the CBO estimated our future deficits was February– just four short months ago. Back then, the CBO thought deficits were falling and health-care costs were slowing. Today, the CBO thinks deficits are falling even faster and health-care costs are slowing by even more.

Here’s the short version: Washington’s most powerful budget nerds have cut their prediction for 2013 deficits by more than $200 billion. They’ve cut their projections for our deficits over the next decade by more than $600 billion. Add it all up and our 10-year deficits are looking downright manageable. … [Klein/EconomistV]

First the House GOP + Cruz go down in flames on the House floor, and now their favorite topic — the Horrible Terrible No Good Awful Spending — is under control!

However, all this pales in comparison to Representative Amodei’s newly discovered empathy for — the defenders of the Alamo?  Here we have Representative Amodei mounting the ramparts, fighting to keep people from getting health care insurance because they have pre-existing conditions, fighting to allow insurance corporations to spend more than 80% of their premiums on executive compensation and advertising, fighting to prevent the closing of the infamous dough-nut hole in Medicare Part D, fighting to allow insurance corporations to discriminate against women, fighting to prevent elders from getting affordable cancer screenings, fighting to prevent children from receiving inoculations against communicable diseases…

There is one point of comparison. The Texans occupying the Alamo lost.

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