Roundup Day

Cattle Roundup** Still not convinced the Republican Party has shifted into the progeny of the 19th century “Native American Party?”  Yet another example of the Know-Nothing-ism comes to us from Minden, NV and Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler.  The bottom line:  “There are transcendent moral laws that cannot be changed by public opinion, and to fail to stand for these is to descend into moral idiocy and cowardice that makes a person unworthy of representing anyone.”  Go Here for the background, and video.  Wheeler’s feeble response here.

** Vegas Jessie takes a look at one particularly virulent form of ultra-conservatism, the Dominionists among the Republican ranks.

** And, the Ultra’s are heading in the same old direction they’ve been taking since 1935 — straight for Social Security.  Blue Lyon has thoughts on the matter worth a click and read.

** One of these days we’ll need to discuss why it is that rape isn’t universally condemned as a c-r-i-m-e.  The Sin City Siren speaks to the issue.

** The Nevada Progressive observes the devolution of the GOP position on comprehensive immigration reform in the form of Senator Marco Rubio’s latest attempt to placate the Know Nothings, and wonders just where Congressman Joe Heck (R-NV3) might be on the issue now.

** Speaking of comprehensive immigration reform.  On June 27, 2013 at 4:11 pm Eastern, the Senate passed S. 744, a comprehensive immigration policy reform bill.  Absolutely nothing has happened in the Beyond Do Nothing House of Representatives about this bill.  If the House were inclined to take up the issue there’s H.R. 15 available for their perusal.  What do we hear from the House of No? Nothing.

** There seem to be just about as many glitches in the discussion of the Affordable Care Act as there are in the web site, this post neatly takes down one of the newer GOP complaints. Recommended reading.   To which Perrspectives comments upon the CBS news warning that the ACA Medicaid enrollment is proceeding as planned.  Think Progress takes on the “sticker shock” issue.

** Feeling philosophical? There’s food for thought from Demos on the survival of the Social Darwinists in America. Also recommended reading.

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