Thank God for New Jersey

New JerseyI like New Jersey, and I am learning to love it.  After absorbing good humored barbs from friends there about Nevada politics and the denizens thereof, I am finally getting some ‘ammunition.’  From the not-quite-the-Jersey-Shore, I endured, “Hey, wanna’trade a chicken for a mammogram?” when Nevada candidate Sue Lowden offered her version of a health care insurance reform plan in 2010.  [WaPo]

I grinned and grimaced when asked,”Can you really perform CPR on someone who’s standing upright? Your Governor must be on to something !” when former Governor Jim Gibbons was trying to explain his behavior at the Reno Rodeo.  And then there was, “How do you get into the same car at the airport off the same flight when you didn’t go anywhere together? Area 51 must be bigger than we thought!” [LATimes]  Indeed, it did seem to cover an extensive bit of territory in the Silver State.

I really don’t wish to submit to another  round of fun like the one which came from the Other Coast when Sharron — Anti-Fluoride Activist, “gold, pork bellies, and frozen concentrated orange juice ” Standard Advocate, BP Supporter — Angle decided she was “ahead of her time” in her race against Senator Harry Reid.  [MJ]

Now, in 2014, I can finally say: “Having any trouble with your Bridge Work?”  Or, been over the Bridge Going Nowhere lately?”  Or, “Do most New Jersey politicians play Bridge?”

The flap appears to have developed some “legs” and not that I wish dysfunctionality on the citizens of New Jersey, but I think they might excuse me if I enjoy this moment for just a little while longer.

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