The UnMagic Touch: Adelson and his Money are Soon Parted

AdelsonBecause having the imprimatur of Las Vegas gambling titan Sheldon Adelson was so helpful since he started moving major money into politics — $1.3 million from 2007 to 2012, and $93.1 million to Super PACs [CPI] — members of the Grand Old Party are lining up at his door yet again. [LV Sun]

The three Governors, Christie (NJ), Walker (WI), and Kasich (OH Goldman Sachs), led by the former FL Governor Jeb Bush, would like more of Adelson’s largesse directed their way.

Perhaps these three remember that Mr. Adelson dumped some $16.5 million into the campaign (cum Book Tour) of one Newt Gingrich?   If memory serves, Mr. Gingrich put his campaign stops on hold sometime in April 2012.

Then there was another $4 million bestowed upon George “Macaca” Allen in Virginia — “Independence Virginia PAC — and another bust, as Allen lost the election to Tim Kaine. [MJ]

$2 million of Adelson’s bank account went to the ever entertaining Allen West (Freedom PAC) — Mr. West accused his opponent of “cheating to beat him,” but finally gave in when a recount actually showed even more votes for Congressman Patrick Murphy. [TP] Thus wasting more of Adelson’s $1 million contribution to the Treasure Coast Jobs Coalition PAC.

Lest we forget, Adelson also provided another $1 million toward efforts to elect Rabbi Shmuley “Shalom in the Home” Boteach in his 2012 NJ congressional race — Boteach lost to Rep. Bill Pascrell. Adelson was a bit luckier with the portion of the money that went to NJ Rep. Joe Kyrillos.

The Adelsons donated $500,000 to Scott Brown’s campaign.  Anyone heard from Brown in Massachusetts?  Well, no, not that he’s now carpetbagged it into neighboring New Hampshire after taking his licking from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

And who could forget all the PAC donations headed toward the Presidency of Willard Mitt Romney?  What presidency of Willard Mitt Romney?

The electoral count was Obama 332, Romney 206.  Clobbered?

Not that the presidentially inspired members of the GOP are likely to take this advice — but doesn’t it look like taking Mr. Adelson’s money doesn’t exactly equate to election success?

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