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Jig Saw PuzzleOne of those days in which a full bore topic for a post doesn’t come to mind, but there are bits and pieces which might be of interest:

** Here comes the Money.  Ralston Reports: Uncle Sheldon & Associates are bestowing funds to Niger Innis in his primary against “not conservative enough” Cresent Hardy. Watch the New America PAC NV for future injections of cash into right wing causes.  The New America PAC would like for folks to rush over to their Facebook page, watch the commercial, and then donate to get it on the air. This would be the same Facebook page which admonishes us that because “new” Benghazi e-mails have been released we “must impeach Obama immediately.” Yawn.

** Also connected to this endeavor, we find one Dan Blacker, of DB Capitol Strategies, who advertises his role in Carey vs. FEC.  To make a long story short — the case, and its decision, illustrate the old “money = speech” argument, the legalese is as follows:

“On August 19, 2011, the court issued a Stipulated Order and Consent Judgment in which the FEC agreed that it would not enforce 2 U.S.C. §§441a(a)(1)(C) and 441a(a)(3) against Plaintiffs with regard to contributions NDPAC receives to make independent expenditures, as long as NDPAC maintains separate bank accounts 1) to receive such contributions for independent expenditures, and 2) to receive source-and amount-limited contributions for the purpose of making candidate contributions. Further, each account must pay a percentage of administrative expenses that closely corresponds to the percentage of activity for that account, and must comply with the applicable limits for the contributions it receives for the purpose of making candidate contributions.” [FEC]

Here’s where the fun begins, since the decision in Carey allows more money to flow serenely from donors to multi-candidate committees, the DB Capitol Strategies lobby shop spawned its very own 501(c)3:

“DB Capitol Strategies is pleased to announce our support for the launch of the Coolidge-Reagan Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on education, advocacy, and litigation in furtherance of political speech.”  [DBCS]

Now, what could “litigation in furtherance of political speech” be?  How about more court cases challenging campaign finance laws? With the intent to allow ever more money to flow from donors to multi-candidate committees?  This would certainly “limit government” — it would limit it to those who can afford to Pay for Play.  What a lovely, grass roots, down home, sentiment?

** If we can’t have Sharron Angle, at least we have Sue “Chicken Swapping” Lowden, and her race for the Lt. Governor’s seat. [LVRJ] Lowden is enthusiastically opposing “Obamacare.” Settled law. Game Over. However, should she secure the candidacy she’s opened herself up to related charges from prospective opponents.  The question might be asked, “Do you think people being provided with Medicaid assistance for health related issues should have to swap chickens with local physicians for treatment?”  Or, “What are the implications for chicken production in Nevada since Medicaid has been expanded?”

** By the way, those seeking information about the candidates should click over to the Secretary of State’s page load of them.

** From the good news department: “BLM Chief – Lawbreakers in Bundy Confrontation Will Be Held Accountable,” [LVRJ] The core:

“Kornze’s comments on National Public Radio were his first since directing BLM wranglers and armed agents on April 12 to suspend the operation to seize Bundy cattle in the Gold Butte area of Clark County. They were consistent with written statements the BLM has issued since the confrontation that day with Bundy and armed supporters.  Now, Kornze said, “we are going to work through the legal system.” He said his comments had to be limited because an investigation is underway. Clark

County Sheriff Doug Gillespie confirmed last week the FBI has opened a criminal probe of alleged threats and assaults on law enforcement officers at the roundup.”

Thus much for the joys of getting your face on television, and your name in altogether too many file folders.

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