In case you were inclined to listen

EarIn case you were inclined to listen to the hawkish Senator John McCain (R-Green Room), please click on this link to a compilation of the Senator’s commentary on the war in Iraq.

Should that fail to convince you that the Senator is not exactly a whiz kid when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East, there’s more here.

Still thinking that the Senator from the Green Room might be worth listening to?  Then click here.

If you’d like some more insightful, and better considered information on the problems related to the Iraqi situation, there’s Foreign Affairs’ collection of articles. Some tend to support the “decent interval” strategy employed by the Obama Administration, others not.  One note of caution, beware of the attempt at historical analogies, such as “we still have troops in Germany and Japan,” as we’re no doubt aware — we’re not there to prop up the governments of Germany and Japan. We have regional interests, and they happen to be conveniently located.  This situation is also not analogous to Korea, since no agreement has ever been signed ending the conflict.

The Brookings Institution offers a potpourri or cafeteria style collection of articles ranging from a conservative perspective to more liberal.  These, too, are better than trying to tease out any sense from the Sunday Morning Chatter Boxes.

The prospect of a divided Iraq has some tongues wagging, but there may be something of value in the suggestion, and there’s more information concerning that prospect from Dr. Josef Omert, and from James Kitfield, writing for the National Journal.

Larry Kaplow, (NPR) helpfully offers Four Key Things To Know about the Islamist surge in Iraq, perhaps the most interesting of which is that this may not all be about ISIS.

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