Amodei and Heck Do It Again!

Pollution air In case you missed it —  amidst all the publicity about the pipeline vote – the House of Representatives has again demonstrated its proclivity to promote the interests of corporate  exploiters and polluters (read — Koch Brothers):

“The House voted 229-191 to pass H.R. 1422, which would change the rules for appointing members to the Science Advisory Board (SAB), a group that gives scientific advice to the EPA Administrator. Also called the Science Advisory Board Reform Act, the bill would make it easier for scientists with financial ties to corporations to serve on the SAB, prohibit independent scientists from talking about their own research on the board, and make it more difficult for scientists who have applied for grants from the EPA to join the board.” [TP]

How nice for the Koch Brothers and the multi-national corporations which are annoyed by having to discuss such matters as global climate change, air pollution, and other topics related to whether or not our grandchildren will inherit a viable planet.

So, what did Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV2) do for the grandchildren?  He voted in favor of the Ignore The Science Bill.  Representatives Heck (R-NV3) and Amodei voted in favor of the bill on Roll Call 525.   Representatives Horsford (D-NV4) and Titus (D-NV1) thought enough of the kidlets to vote against this sop to multinational corporations. But wait! There’s more.

The House also passed H.R. 4795 – yet another pro-pollution bill:

“The Clean Air Act requires major new or expanding sources of air pollution to obtain permits with pollution limits before the facilities start construction.  These preconstruction permits ensure that a new or expanded facility will not increase local air pollution to levels that violate national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS), which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets for six principal air pollutants.  When EPA updates each air quality standard to reflect the latest science, permit applicants have to meet the new, more protective standard and show their emissions will not harm public health.

H.R. 4795, introduced by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), creates a loophole in this process.  The bill establishes imprecise procedural requirements for EPA to follow after setting a new air quality standard.  If EPA does not meet those requirements, then a new or expanding facility can apply for a preconstruction permit based on the old air quality standard, which is not adequate to protect public health.  In effect, this bill could give new sources of pollution “amnesty” from new science-based air quality standards.”  [DEC]

Got that?  If Spew & Blow Corp. doesn’t like the new air quality standards, it can use the Scalise Loophole to get around them.  How convenient.  And what did our Representatives do?  The two Republicans (Heck and Amodei) voted for the “Promoting New Manufacturing Act” – the title should really have been the “Promoting More Pollution Act of 2014.”   Horsford and Titus both voted against this travesty of a bill.

Could we have any better demonstration of how closely Congressional Republicans, including our Congressional Republicans, are tied to the Koch Brothers?


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2 responses to “Amodei and Heck Do It Again!

  1. This is OT, except for the general topic of Republican madness, but do you have any comments about the choice of Ira Hansen as the speaker of the Nevada House?

    Actually, I wonder if he might be so hard for some (comparatively) decent Republicans to vote for without gagging that it might get interesting. (Do you happen to know if a simple plurality wins it, or does there hjave to be a majority, and is there any likelihood of enough Republicans bolting — either to the Democrats or to a third candidate — to keep Hansen out?)

    If I were a Nevada resident and had a small amount of usable cash, I might consider running some small ads in local newspapers with quotes from Hansen and challenging Republicans if this is how they want their party to be represented, There are enough of them. (If you haven’t seen it, check out this report from the Reno News and Review for some great examples.

    In fact, over the next couple of years it might be good to remember that you don’t have to be the Kochs or have a PAC to buy ads in local newspapers — and if some larger outlets pick up on the specific stories — or just pick up the idea of citizens not needing to be ‘United” to spend small amounts to support their positions. (I wonder if a car dealer who was a Progressive might turn a part of his regular and usually large ad over to a column that would mix political commentary — with plenty of humor and snark — with sports commentary and general celebrity chatter — there’s a local car dealer who does that, but with ‘softball politics’ — and a level of risqueness that is surprising.)

    A bit of a wandering comment, but hopefully with a few things worth thinking about.