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Thanks for your patience – DB was delayed by a good old fashioned head cold which took a couple of days to shake.  Now, the blog’s back in action, at least minimally, and ready to head into the ‘holiday season.’   Some writers have already given us some presents:

From Sally Jenkins, of the Washington Post, “The Rams’ Don’t Shoot Gesture…”  a peak:

“To begin with, the First Amendment only protects free speech against government action. That’s all it does. It doesn’t protect the St. Louis players from NFL owners, or league commissioners, or talk radio hosts who disagree with them. But it does protect them from the government. So the person in danger of abusing the First Amendment here is not the football player with the edgy gesture in a public stadium. Or the NFL owner who might want to tell them to shut up to protect advertising. It’s the governmental agent — like, say, a cop — who seeks to punish someone for expressing certain views.”

From David Palumbo-Liu, writing for Salon:

“It is not unreasonable to infer from the disproportionate rates of black and brown injury, death and incarceration (far more aggressively pursued by the state than in the cases of whites) that there are many more departments that should be investigated along with these 20.  But just 20 federal investigations should be enough to convince us that there is a broad and systemic problem we face with regard to race and police violence.”

From Jamelle Bouie, writing for Slate:

To that point, it’s worth noting the extent to which “what about black-on-black crime” is an evasion, an attempt to avoid the fundamental difference between being killed by a citizen and being killed by an agent of law. And it’s not new.”

Highly Recommended Reading while preparing for the season:

“McConnell confesses: Supreme Court being used to achieve political goals,” Crooks and Liars.

“Police describe Austin shooter as ‘homegrown terrorist’ with hate in his heart,” PoliticusUSA.

“If the Supreme Court reads this study it could end partisan gerrymandering forever,” Think Progress.

“One strike and you’re out: How we can eliminate barriers to economic security and mobility for people with criminal records,” Center for American Progress.

And now it’s break time again. Be back later. DB

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