We need a vaccine for Stultus

vaccine Nevada isn’t immune.  Health officials in Washoe County are taking action concerning two possible cases of measles, and 40 families whose children attend Spanish Springs Elementary School  have been contacted.  Children from those families may be unvaccinated or may have compromised immune systems – they will be immediately excluded from school. [RGJ] NRS 392.435 provides for two, and only two exemptions from the vaccination requirements: religious beliefs and medical condition. Otherwise – vaccinations are required.   This isn’t a matter of ‘parental choice.’  Nor is it a matter of ‘personal freedom.’

It’s a matter of public health.  And, the avoidance of vaccinations has been going on too long:

“Last year 10 children died in California in the worst whooping cough outbreak to sweep the state since 1947. In the first six months of 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 10 measles outbreaks—the largest of which (21 cases) occurred in a Minnesota county, where many children were unvaccinated because of parental concerns about the safety of the standard MMR vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. At least seven infants in the county who were too young to receive the MMR vaccine were infected.” [SciAm 2011]

Further, the article in Scientific American nailed down the source of the problem:

“This sad state of affairs exists because parents have been persistently and insidiously misled by information in the press and on the Internet and because the health care system has not effectively communicated the counterarguments, which are powerful. Physicians and other health experts can no longer just assume that parents will readily agree to childhood inoculations and leave any discussion about the potential risks and benefits to the last minute. They need to be more proactive, provide better information and engage parents much earlier than is usually the case.” [SciAm 2011]

I’m going to let the medical profession off the hook a bit – yes, they should have known there were some parents so imbecilic as to swallow the pernicious anti-vax propaganda, but I’d not hold them responsible for having to remind parents each and every year that vaccinations are essential.  This is usually called ‘parental responsibility.’  So, how can we tell if a person is suffering from ego stultus?  Symptoms:

1. The individual believes that the manufacturer of the rubella vaccine uses aborted fetal material in the process, or at one time used aborted fetal materials, or at one time might have used aborted fetal material in the manufacturing process.  [Debunked Here]

2. The individual believes that the MMR vaccine causes autism. [Debunked Here

3. The individual believes that if other people are vaccinated they should not worry about their unvaccinated children if the vaccine works.  Stop. Think. It isn’t the vaccinated kids who are at risk. Those at risk are unvaccinated, and many of those have immune systems compromised by other diseases, like cancer.

4. The individual thinks that the immunization programs are an assault on individual liberty, that parents should have the ‘right’ to keep their children vaccine free. Otherwise, it’s like… you know… the Nazis!  No, what’s under assault are diseases, which if left to replicate themselves cause immeasurable harm to our nation’s children.

5. The individual believes it’s all just part of a big pharmaceutical manufacturing  scam to make money. Relax, take a dose of this professional medical advice.  If you’d like to get into the weeds of vaccine versus drug production and profitability levels there’s information available from the NBER.

In the mean time, I’d like to see the pharmaceutical industry take on the task of eliminating Stultus Maximus.  (Maximum Stupidity)

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