If this were a vacation …

Desk Buried

I’d have scuttled the whole thing and gone home by now.  The Desk is still piled up, but the situation is improving…I think.  In the meantime, please visit some of the fine Nevada blogs in the sidebar.  Thanks for your interest and patience.  — DB

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  1. No problem with your necessary delays — or even if you simply ODed on Maalox from reading Republicans — or an emetic if you inadvertently swallowed a lump of Trump.

    But PLEASE, if you are going to suggest we spend time with your blog list, UPDATE it. Only a few are even in existence, some had their last posts in 2012, only the professional newspaper types seem still around. Now I am hopeful that there are newer progressive Nevada blogs arising, but I don’t know how to find THEM.

    (And unless you have the LVCoC mentality in reverse (“Whatever happens outside of Nevada stays outside”) you might consider a small list of state-centered blogs from other states that your readers might enjoy. KY’s Zandar Vs. The Stupid, TN’s Southern Beale, and the many LA blogs, including CenLamar, Something Like The Truth and Louisiana Voice and TX’s wonderful Juanita Jean’s, the World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc.. all are worth knowing — I didn’t link them because I’m never sure how many links kick off a spam filter.)

    And finally, when you get back to full posting, can you consider doing a piece on making blogs relevant again. They actually did help affect and move the politics of 2006 and 2008, today, they combine three dangerous trends. The first is ‘preaching to the choir’; saying things that presuppose agreement and are unconvincing to people who are not already on our side; the second is “Sports Talk adio” where the main object is to make and influence friends, with no idea or care if what you are saying is practical or makes sense — as long as it gets the magic ‘thumbs up.’

    Those are bad, but the worst — and one I see too often, is what I call the “Weimar Salon” problem, where we, in our immense self-respect, spend our time here on the tenth floor, deploring and shaking our heads at what is going on ‘down in the streets’ but with a calm air that this can never REALLY reach up and affect us, so ‘high above the world.’ (And yes, we are totally sincere in our compassion for those poor ‘others’ who get caught up in the madness, blacks — if we are white — the poor — if our income is reasonably secure — the gays — if we are straight. And all those people who can’t afford the insurances we can afford, the nutrition we can afford, or even the education we can afford.)

    Can we remember that we don’t change minds that don’t need changing, that we don’t produce new voters on our side by ONLY talking to the old ones, and that we actually have the FACTS on our side, if we can just get them out there?