Could we get off their backs? A Rant in several pieces


I’m going to read about one more piece on “Kids These Days!” and start yanking at my ever-thinning gray hair.  Here’s why:

There’s this argument that the modern social media technology is making them less empathetic.  Less empathetic than what?  Whom?  Than those kids who volunteer to make homeless youngsters’ life a little easier at a D.C. shelter?  Or, the ones who help out at their local library? Or, maybe it’s just the big kid who encourages the little one to join a pickup basketball game?  Sometimes it’s the big issues that count, like teens involved in the prevention of bullying, sometimes it’s the little ones like making sure the little guy gets to take at least one shot.  At any rate they’re all measurably more empathetic than the last lament I heard from an oldster about “they just have kids and then expect everyone else to pay for them.”

We can all figure out who “they” are, it just takes a total lack of empathy to disregard their humanity.

We’re going to hell in a hand basket…just listen to their music. I would, but I’m not all that much into bass. And, besides I still like listening to that music that was going to send us all to perdition a generation or so ago. You know, the stuff with the rolling hips, swinging skirts, rolled arm T-shirts, and steady back beat – that was supposed to be catering to our instincts to dive into the back seat and do …. whatever.   But, but, but, …

THEY are plugged into their headphones and ear-buds!  And, precisely which generation was it that paid close attention to much around them during their adolescent years?  It must have been the one before they put doors on rooms.

Some of them are listening to someone because there are teen groups advocating tolerance, promoting Gay-Straight Alliances, and working for the preservation of voting rights.  Frankly, it’s not the kids who scare me; it’s the elders who pine for the days when they could pat Janie on the butt down at the garage and not get called out for it.  It’s the grumpy goof who who has to “think” before he uses the N-word, previously a much loved epithet in his limited vocabulary. It’s the older person who having gotten through college when tax money supported those institutions now believes that spending money on someone else’s kid is a “waste of taxpayer dollars.”

But mostly, it’s just a tired whine diluted by eons of overuse.

“My grandpa notes the world’s worn cogs
And says we’re going to the dogs.
His grandpa in his house of logs
Said things were going to the dogs.
His grandpa in the Flemish bogs
Said things were going to the dogs.
His grandpa in his hairy togs
Said things were going to the dogs.
But this is what I wish to state:
The dogs have had an awful wait.” [Ask]

Finis.  Meanwhile,  I’ll place my bets on the kids in Michigan who decided to build their own airplane from scratch, and the Texas youngster who created his own digital clock, and all the other ones handing out meals, and clothing, and pamphlets…

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